BNB Chain Epic News (19th January – 25th)

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Welcome back to BNB Chain News 🙌

This week, we released a report on AvengerDAO’s Security Milestones of 2023. The report details how BSC experienced an 85% year-over-year reduction in financial losses via security breaches. Additionally, total financial losses dropped by 64% from Q3 to Q4 in 2023. Together, we’re making strong progress towards a more secure ecosystem!

We also continued to explore the possibilities of AI development on BNB Chain by analyzing how opBNB and BNB Greenfield are paving the way to decentralized AI adoption. Plus, we shared an informative video and thread about DePIN’s bright future on BNB Chain.

Finally, make sure to submit your applications to BNB Chain Hackathon 2024! Read ahead for more ecosystem highlights and updates.

New Projects on BNB Chain 🔥

Each week, BNB Chain onboards new projects across the landscape of DeFi, SocialFi, Web3 gaming, and beyond. Read our full blog for descriptions about each new project.

Ecosystem Highlights 🌎

🔸 Analyzing BSC’s Security Milestones in 2023
🔸 Web3 and AI Unite: Charting the Future for Decentralized Intelligence
🔸 BNB Greenfield: Hulunbeier Hardfork
🔸 BNB Chain Hackathon: Sponsor’s Challenge Track

BNB Chain in the News 📰

🔸 Messari Report: State of BNB Smart Chain Q4 2023
🔸 Losses on BNB Chain Down by 85% in 2023
🔸 BNB Chain To Accelerate AI And Web3 Development In 2024

Web3 Safety and Security 🚨

AvengerDAO publishes a list of risk projects and addresses on DappBay’s Red Alarm every Friday. If you have questions or feedback regarding the risk highlights shared below, please contact us here.  

Newly Detected High-Risk dApp Projects

CategoryDescriptionNumber of Newly Spotted Project This Week
Phishing dAppsPhishing usually forges legitimate web pages to trick you into entering your private keys or authorizing transactions that you don’t understand. 50, read the full list here

Newly Detected High-Risk Address

AvengerDAO members provide APIs to check the security of a contract before interacting with it. They also offer relevant information, such as potential risks associated with a specific address to facilitate due diligence.

AvengerDAO API gives a comprehensive evaluation of each address. We advise you to regularly check with these APIs when receiving an airdrop for a certain token, or when interacting with contracts. is integrated with these APIs.


All the addresses are listed here.

Developer Programs and Resources 🙌

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Welcome to the BNB Chain Hackathon 2024: a hub of innovation where blockchain technology meets fresh creative ideas.

Apply today and immerse yourself in a dynamic space where innovative minds and blockchain technology come together to create exciting real-world change!

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Our Bug Bounty Program is designed to encourage the identification and responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities that directly affect BNB Chain and its components, such as the blockchain, nodes, and wallets.

By reporting these vulnerabilities to us, you not only play a crucial role in maintaining the network’s security, but can also earn substantial rewards for your efforts.

The blockchain space is abuzz with innovation, and if you’re building on opBNB and BNB Greenfield, you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled useful resources for devs in this handy blog – check it out!

Build the Future of Web3 with BNB Chain ⚒️

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BNB Greenfield is a novel decentralized data storage network with a native bridge to BNB Smart Chain (BSC), which manages user rights, bucket creation, and file deletion to transform the way users interact with their data.

With Mainnet releasing, it’s the perfect time to start building!

Let’s leverage the power of opBNB together to create a blockchain ecosystem that is efficient, scalable, and sustainable. The future is optimistic, and we’re thrilled to shape it with you.

Start building on opBNB now!