BNB Greenfield: Hulunbeier Hardfork

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The BNB Greenfield network is about to undergo the Hulunbeier hardfork, bringing exciting updates and improvements to the platform.

Important information and key actions required:

  • The Testnet Hulunbeier hardfork is scheduled to occur at block height 4,849,568. Based on the current block interval, it is estimated to take place on February 1st at 07:00 AM UTC.
  • The Mainnet Hulunbeier hardfork is scheduled to occur at block height 4,653,883. Based on the current block interval, it is estimated to take place on February 22nd at 07:00 AM UTC.
  • Validators and SPs should complete upgrading to the latest version before hardfork, greenfield v1.3.0 for validators, and greenfield-storage-provider v1.3.0 for SPs.

Please be aware that the upcoming hardfork will not impact your account balance on Greenfield. All buckets and objects stored on the Greenfield Testnet will remain accessible. 

What’s New for Greenfield?

To enhance user experience, the developer community is introducing the following features and bug fixes:

  • Introduction of the Greenfield Cross-Chain Permission Module. (PR #542)
  • Simple implementation of Storage Provider exit, (PR #534)

What’s New for Storage Providers?

  • Implementation of data recovery when Storage Provider exits. (PR #1279)
  • Improvement of the performance of Blocksyncer(PR #1312)

For other bug fixes and refactoring, please refer to the changelog in the Greenfield Blockchain and Greenfield SP repository.

Greenfield for DePIN

DePIN represents a decentralized world where users collectively own and monetize physical infrastructure. It empowers individuals globally, unlocking new opportunities for real-world decentralized applications (dApps).  This is a significant leap forward in the practical applications of blockchain technology!

Greenfield helps to ensure secure and resilient data storage. Unlike centralized storage services that present a single point of failure, Greenfield strategically disperses data across numerous nodes or storage points, providing a robust alternative to conventional storage services. 

Rooted in the “data-as-an-asset” principle, BNB Greenfield prioritizes user control over personal information and provides opportunities to capitalize on its value. The platform’s distinctive features make it an appealing choice for AI applications, particularly in terms of data access, ownership, and monetization. 

Read the full blog here to learn more about how BNB Greenfield is an appealing choice for DePIN and AI applications.


The BNB Greenfield Hulunbeier upgrade is part of BNB Chain’s ongoing commitment to provide users with a seamless and effective platform. This continued effort involves the introduction of new features, addressing bugs, and responding to community feedback.