BNB Chain Hackathon 2024: Sponsor’s Challenge Track

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Welcome to the BNB Chain Hackathon 2024! Kickstart the new year by joining our ‘Building Smart and Fully-On-Chain Applications’ hackathon. 

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The main event invites developers to address major challenges in blockchain and Dapps across various tracks, such as AI, infrastructure, gaming, physical infrastructure networks, social networking, and decentralized science. This blog post also details additional tracks sponsored by our hackathon partners. 

These sponsored tracks are:

  • “The Next Popular Asset Protocol for BNB Chain” with Dego Finance
  • “Unlocking the Power of Plugins” with THENA
  • “zkBridge for opBNB and BSC” with Polyhedra
  • “Establish or Design a BNB Chain-IBC Channel” with Dora Factory

These extra themes expand the scope for creativity and innovation across multiple areas, with an added prize pool of up to $115,500.

Join the challenge and be a part of the transformative wave in the blockchain space.

Prize: Up to $100,000 in $DEGO tokens

Main objectives: 

  1. Identify an upcoming asset protocol, similar to NFTs or inscriptions, for BNB Chain.
  2. Determine an optimal solution for leveraging the expansive existing asset base on the BNB Chain.

Challenge description:

This challenge explores emerging asset classes and protocols to identify the next asset class that could drive widespread adoption on BNB Chain.

Initially, Ethereum’s growth was fueled by ERC20 tokens, then by ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens. Similarly, BNB Chain has offered an inclusive, fast, and cost-effective experience. Now, as a major layer 1 platform with substantial Web3 traffic, the question is: What innovative asset protocol will attract the next wave of users to BNB Chain?

Secondly, as they seek the next big asset protocol, users already hold a significant number of assets from BNB Chain’s history. While original assets like BNB and USDC are widely adopted, others might fade. 

Simultaneously, with the rise of Layer 2 solutions, assets such as ARB, Matic, and BTCB are currently thriving on BNB Chain. The challenge lies in activating dormant assets and effectively utilizing the current leading assets.

Reward structure:

To tackle this scenario, Dego Finance is introducing a token bounty program. Teams deploying applications onto the testnet will be eligible for a $2,000 token bounty. 

The top three solutions demonstrating exceptional features will receive a $15,000 token bounty. Additionally, applications that progress to continued development, launch frontends, and commit to mainnet deployment will be considered for a $20,000 token grant.

Teams interested in participating should contact This channel is open for discussion about personalized grants, feedback, and support during the development process.

“Unlocking the Power of Plugins” with THENA

Prize: $8,000

Main objectives:

  1. Promote DeFi innovation by crafting plugins for THENA’s concentrated liquidity AMM.
  2. Encourage the creation of plugins that introduce innovative DeFi strategies and mechanisms.
  3. Enhance the capabilities of THENA within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Challenge description:

This challenge focuses on developing versatile, powerful plugins for THENA’s concentrated liquidity AMM on BNB chain, akin to Uniswap V4’s hooks. It aims to harness developers’ creativity and technical skills to enhance THENA’s ecosystem with innovative financial tools and functionalities.

Participants will design and implement hooks that integrate smoothly with THENA, making its AMM platform more robust and flexible. These hooks could range from simple features like automated portfolio rebalancing to complex financial instruments transforming liquidity management and trading strategies.

The ultimate objective is to create hooks that are functional, user-friendly, secure, and efficient, broadening THENA’s appeal and offering advanced solutions to existing users.

Project submission criteria:

  • Integration with THENA’s AMM infrastructure
  • Originality and innovation in the presented hook
  • Practicality and feasibility for real-world implementation
  • Code quality and adherence to best practices in smart contract development
  • Documentation and user-friendly design for end-users

The most creative and impactful hooks will receive a prize (details below) and may be integrated into the THENA ecosystem. Winning developers will get recognition in the BNB chain community and a chance to work with the THENA team to fine-tune and implement their projects.

Reward structure: 


“zkBridge for opBNB and BSC” with Polyhedra

Prize: $5,000

Main objectives: 

  1. Perform computations on opBNB 
  2. Capability to transfer the final result, cross chain, to the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) via the Polyhedra Bridge.

Challenge description:Computing on L1 blockchains can incur high costs. Leveraging opBNB offers a significantly more economical platform for these computations. The task at hand is to delegate the computation from  BNB Smart Chain (BSC) to opBNB and subsequently transfer the final result back to BSC through the Polyhedra Bridge.

A key aspect is the client’s intention to request this computation every 10 seconds, offering the opportunity to batch process results and optimize associated costs. Please read our documentation on cross chain here.

Please submit your proof of concept code that is working on opBNB and BSC.

Reward structure:


“Establish or Design a BNB Chain-IBC Channel” with Dora Factory 

Prize: $2,500

Challenge Description:

To enhance the accessibility of BNB Chain for the crypto-native generation, Dora Factory extends an invitation to the most innovative minds to create or conceptualize a BNB Chain-IBC channel using the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC).

The IBC is an open-source framework designed to facilitate authentication and data transfer between blockchains. 

For technical support or more information about this bounty in partnership with Dora Factory, contact them on Telegram at @dorahacksofficial or email

Reward structure:

  • 20,000 DORA (~$2,000): Awarded for developing an MVP for a BNB Chain-IBC Channel.
  • 5,000 DORA [~$500]: Granted for presenting a viable design proposal for establishing a BNB Chain-IBC Channel.

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The BNB Chain Hackathon 2024 offers a great opportunity for developers and innovators to contribute to the evolving world of Dapps. It features a range of challenges across multiple tracks, focusing on innovation, collaboration, and creating groundbreaking solutions.

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