BSC Liquidity Incentive Program

BSC Liquidity Incentive Program

As part of the $100M BSC Accelerator Funds announced in September 2020, we introduced the BUIDL Reward Program and distributed over $30 million to the projects based on their total gas fees. The BSC ecosystem attracted more than 900 dApps of which many joined this program.

The BUIDL Reward Program became one of the most popular incentive programs. By participating in this program, projects didn’t gain only the monthly rewards reimbursing them for their gas fees, but also demonstrated strong activity by placing in the BUIDL distribution list. For this and other reasons, we want to keep running the BUIDL Reward Program in some form and make it even better.

To encourage more innovation and further adoption, we’re launching the new BSC Liquidity Incentive Program that will help projects achieve sustainable liquidity and user growth. This program is a part of the $1 billion growth fund.

The program is initially split into 3 categories:

  1. DeFi Protocols
  2. Professional DeFi Market Makers & LPs
  3. Gaming & NFTs

Incentive Program for DeFi Protocols

Sustainable liquidity and user growth is a critical but challenging objective for all DeFi protocols. There are several important factors DeFi protocols need to manage in order to achieve this objective including but not limited to, balancing growth of supply and demand in the market, engaging marketing and user growth strategies, and continued secure product development and innovation, among others.

How Does it Work?

All DeFi protocols deployed on BSC are welcome to apply. Projects will be selected and prioritized based on current TVL, daily and weekly active users, transaction volume, community size and growth, among other criteria. DeFi protocols are asked to submit business plans which include liquidity and user growth strategies and plans and proposals for the use of liquidity incentive funds. It is encouraged for projects to develop ideas and plans for sustainable mid to long term growth, rather than short term incentives.

How to Participate?

As #MVBIII highlighted, we are looking for the next generation of advanced DeFi legos: build secure, trustless, and holistic DeFi infra to satisfy new DeFi requirements from institutional and professional traders and brokers, including (but not limited to) synthetic assets, derivatives,  real-world assets, efficient AMM, fixed interest rate products, indexing, structural protocols, asset management, and more.

BSC DeFi Protocol teams can apply for the liquidity incentive here. Click to apply.

Incentive Program for DeFi Market Makers & LPs

This incentive program is aimed to support professional market makers,liquidity providers and frequent and large volume traders (e.g., >500M$ trading volumes per month at least) in the BSC DeFi ecosystem to increase their activities and liquidity in the BSC DeFi ecosystem.

How Does it Work?

The incentive programs will be tailored to the specific needs of selected firms, and can include but not limited to transaction fee subsidy, technology support, and liquidity incentives.

How to Participate?

Professional institutions can register interest here. Click to apply.

Incentive Program for Gaming & NFTs

BSC is committed to establishing and improving a more open, inclusive and scalable NFT and GameFi Ecosystem.

BSC currently has a largest and rapidly growing GameFi and NFT ecosystem, with more than 100 blockchain game projects already deployed on BSC. We aim to support the GameFi and NFT ecosystem through several initiatives, for which more information about those specific initiatives will be announced in the coming weeks. The first initiative from the $1b accelerator fund is aimed at accelerating user growth for GameFi projects by subsidising the gas fees paid by GameFi projects.

How Does it Work

The GameFi and NFT incentive program will leverage the BUIDL Rewards Program mechanics to provide a higher coverage of gas fee subsidy to selected projects based on the traction and growth achieved by projects.

How to Participate?

GameFi and NFT projects can apply here. Click to apply