New Projects on BNB Chain (20th – 26th January)

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Each week, BNB Chain onboards new projects across the landscape of DeFi, SocialFi, Web3 gaming, and beyond. 🔥

Take a look at the table below for descriptions of each, and make sure to follow any projects that capture your interest. Check back every week for updates on the latest members of the BNB Chain fam! Let’s keep building Web3 together.

New Projects on BNB Chain (20th – 26th January)

Twitter Account Category DescriptionValue Brought to BNB Chain
HourglassDeFiHourglass is an intents-based stablecoin swap protocol. It utilizes on chain order books and a new liquidity model to provide best in class risk and minimal fees.Quick, affordable, and safe value transfer is essential in today’s multi-chain world. Hourglass provides that for BSC users seeking to move assets to and from other chains.
proSEEDDeFiproSEED is revolutionising international trade through blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralised financial innovation.Having proSEED on BNB Chain will boost BNB adoption, enhance DeFi, fast cross-border transactions, smart contracts, and community synergy.
PixelislandGamingA pixel-style fully on-chain web3 game on opBNB.Pixel Island as a fully on-chain game. Game players on the Binance Chain can better experience the low GAS and high speed of the opBNB chain through our games.
MDEXDeFiMDEX is a decentralized trading platform deployed across multiple chains.1.Liquidity and Trading Depth: As a decentralized trading platform, MDEX enhances trading depth and liquidity through mechanisms like liquidity mining. This is crucial for various assets on the BNB Chain, encouraging more user engagement in trading.

 2.Cross-Chain Transactions: MDEX, being deployed across multiple chains, enables assets on the BNB Chain to engage in cross-chain transactions with assets on other blockchain networks. This provides users with a broader range of trading options, facilitating increased circulation of assets on the BNB Chain.

 3.Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Services: Beyond basic trading functions, MDEX, as a decentralized trading platform, may offer various DeFi services such as liquidity mining and contracts. This introduces additional financial tools and services for assets on the BNB Chain.

 4.Community Building and Ecosystem Development: MDEX’s community and ecosystem present potential development opportunities and partnerships for the BNB Chain. This includes potential collaborations, developer support, and collective efforts to drive ecosystem growth.

 5.User Experience and Innovation: MDEX has the potential to enhance user experience on the BNB Chain through user-friendly interfaces and innovative products and features. This contributes to attracting more users to participate in the BNB Chain ecosystem.
holoworldSocialHoloworld integrates AI, content creation, and blockchain, offering an educational and 3D entertaining AI social platformHoloworld empowers opBNB users with the capability to develop their own AI bots, and strategically integrates an extensive network of Twitter content creators into the Opbnb platform.

This initiative significantly enhances Opbnb with real AI functionalities, offering both Twitter users and AI bot operators the advantage of Opbnb’s efficient and cost-effective network services. Simultaneously, it facilitates collaborative participation in the expansion and enrichment of the Opbnb ecosystem.
PoPPXSocialPoPPX is a decentralized voting dApp that combines topic discussions with economic benefits.1, you can introduce more social content, provide the graph, protocols and other open source for other developers to use.2. Provide BNB utilization3, lock BNB
AminoSocialHealth and fitness loyalty program that rewards users for moving and shoppingHow Amino Rewards will benefit BNB Chain: Recognizing the significant cost advantage of of the BNB Chain over Ethereum in terms of transaction fees, Amino Rewards has strategically chosen to facilitate Amino Move withdrawals and transactions on BNB Chain.

By exclusively utilizing BNB Chain for Amino Move transactions, we not only optimize cost-effectiveness but also introduce users to the advantages of BNB, actively contributing to the platform’s growth and educating our community on the benefits of the blockchain.

This move not only aligns with our commitment to user-friendly experiences but also enhances the overall accessibility of AMO (wAMO on BNB Chain), fostering a more seamless and budget-friendly environment for our community.
LegionDeFiLegion: The first Web 3.0 Investment & OTC PlatformIn a mission to democratize the global financial system (and more), the industry has failed to democratize the journey upwards. The opportunity for any individual to take a risk on a project’s vision and, in return, see outsized returns.

That’s why, in early 2021 we set out on a mission. A mission to democratize early-stage investment opportunities in Web3. For all.
Until now, we did one thing. And we did it well. We made private investments available to everyone.

The PresentFast forward to today, the Legion community sits stronger than ever at 15,000+ members with over 12,000 of those individuals having invested or traded in a deal.
-160+ successful investments-Deployed $13M, distributed $9M-Impeccable security record-Introduced a unique Investment & OTC marketplace-Generated $1.3M+ revenue
In addition to this, we’ve unlocked a plethora of opportunities for our community. From OpenAI to alternative Web3 funds including DAOMaker and Master Ventures.

Oh, and one more thing. 2023 saw the launch of the Legion OTC marketplace. The first of its kind, this novel dApp allows Legion Ventures investors to access liquidity from their investments before they receive their tokens. To date, it’s proved to be a fundamental part of the Legion Ventures experience. Expect this to grow astronomically in 2024.

Our OTC Marketplace allows users to:
✅Invest in top-tier projects (Celestia, LayerZero, Sei) as if you are a VC✅Access your liquidity BEFORE the tokens release by selling them to other investors on the platform✅Be retroactively rewarded for participating ($LEGION, anyone 👀)

In short, the OTC platform helps us tilt the playing field of Web3 investment opportunities in your favor. By openly trading allocations before tokens become vested, forced holding via vesting schedules is a thing of the past.
As of today, there is no other opportunity in Web3 akin to Legion.
BaobaoInfrastructureBaobao: One-Click Blockchain Gift Box – Seamlessly Integrating Blockchain into Daily LifeBaobao is dedicated to facilitating the mass adoption of blockchain technologies in everyday life, leveraging the support of the BNB chain.

The core of the BaoBao Protocol is a pioneering red packet blockchain protocol designed for seamless integration with popular traditional social networks. The blockchain protocol is deployed on the BNB chain, and the initial rollout features a crypto red-packet/giftbox tool on Telegram. BaoBao’s debut capitalizes on Telegram’s extensive user base and its strong community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. BaoBao Protocol offers users an experience akin to traditional red packet exchanges, smoothly facilitating the sending and receiving of digital currency red packets directly within the Telegram app.

The BaoBao Protocol also introduces a novel approach to marketing and promotion through the innovative use of blockchain technology. A standout feature of the Baobao red packet is its ability to be shared across various chats, fostering viral user engagement. The protocol’s compatibility with any token on EVM chains positions it as an ideal distribution tool for crypto community projects.

As a blockchain protocol, it inherently supports Digital IDs (DID), enabling targeted participation—for instance, allowing only holders of specific tokens or NFT collections to engage in red packet grabbing. Collectively, these features coalesce to form a potent new marketing platform, designed to significantly enhance brand visibility and expand user bases.

Deployed on the BNB chain, Baobao not only aspires to attract a significant number of daily active users to the BNB ecosystem but also to introduce a dynamic new approach to promotion and marketing within the network. Poised to be potentially the first protocol on the BNB chain to achieve mass adoption in daily life, Baobao is set to elevate the BNB chain to unprecedented heights.
Rune-XInfrastructureRune-X platform is a rune integration platform, rune launcher, rune trading market, index query, batch Mint tools, etc.1️⃣ Enhanced Functionality: By deploying your Rune Mint platform on the opBNB chain, opBNB can benefit from the added functionality of rune minting and management. This can attract more users to the opBNB ecosystem, increase engagement, and potentially drive up the demand for opBNB tokens.

2️⃣ Cross-Chain Compatibility: The integration of your Rune Mint platform with the opBNB chain opens up opportunities for cross-chain compatibility. It allows users to seamlessly interact with assets and services from other blockchains, fostering interoperability and expanding the reach of the opBNB ecosystem.

3️⃣ Increased Liquidity: With the Rune Mint platform on board, opBNB can tap into the liquidity provided by users who mint, trade, and stake runes on the opBNB chain. This can create a vibrant ecosystem where users can easily exchange and utilize their assets, attracting more liquidity and enhancing the overall value of the opBNB ecosystem.

4️⃣ Innovation and Differentiation: By integrating your unique Rune Mint platform, opBNB sets itself apart from other chains by offering users a distinct and valuable experience. This can attract developers, projects, and users who are interested in the functionalities and opportunities provided by the Rune Mint ecosystem, leading to growth and increased adoption for opBNB.

Overall, the deployment of your Rune Mint platform on the opBNB chain can bring enhanced functionality, cross-chain compatibility, increased liquidity, and innovation to the opBNB ecosystem. It holds the potential to attract more users, developers, and projects, contributing to the growth and success of opBNB. 🌟