New Projects on BNB Chain (29th June – 5th July)

Newest Projects on BNB Chain (29th June - 5th July)

Each week, BNB Chain onboards tons of new projects across the landscape of DeFi, SocialFi, Web3 gaming, and beyond. 🔥

Take a look at the table below for descriptions of each, and make sure to follow any projects that capture your interest. Check back every week for updates on the latest members of the BNB Chain fam! Let’s keep building Web3 together.

The Newest Web3 Dapps on BNB Chain 29 June – 5th July

PendleDeFiPendle is a permissionless yield-trading protocol where users can execute various yield-management strategies.Pendle aim to bring LSTFi to BNBChain in an innovative way. It will potentially drive TVL of BNBChain and offer more scenarios to DeFi users inner BNBChain to players with both farming and arbitraging.
EquilibriaDeFiFirst yield booster on top of Pendle.Bring LSD flywheel together with Pendle to BNBChain eco and offer impressive APR for defi user on BNBChain
Type!tSocialFiType! is the first ever Web3 keyboard built on BNB Chain that enables users to earn passive income by typing daily.The TypeIt App is the hub for your type-to-earn experience. Users can easily buy and sell their NFT keyboard theme, open mystery boxes and browse the marketplace.
RazeRacingGamingRazeRacing is a free-to-play, play-to-earn web3 racing game with NFT utility and striking graphics.Aims to onboard the next 100m web2 gamers to BNB Chain, Free-to-play currently removes barriers in many web3 games.
QnA3.AIInfrastructureA next-generation data AI platform for the crypto industry.Building a data incentive model on BNB Chain and aiming to offer a permissionless data AI platform for the crypto industry will be another innovative piece of AI+Blockchain eco on BNB Chain which aligns well with’s strategic focus.
Earn AllianceGamingA platform to help web3 games build campaigns and gain players. The platform also has social features such as NFTs for completing quests, etc.Helps more web3 games grow in web3 ways (NFT badges etc).
SeraphGamingA multiplayer online game similar to Diablo with assets on the BNB Chain as NFTs. This is made by Actoz Studio, which is a listed gaming company in Korea.Helps to gather Korean and possibly Chinese gamers into web3 gaming.
OGZSocialFiOGz club is a MemeFi project aiming to mix a Meme coin’s funny part and community (with an on-chain affiliate system) with sustainable DeFi products.OGZ aims to bring more utility to a meme coin.