Beyond the Big Bang: How we celebrated the 1st anniversary.

Beyond the Big Bang: How we celebrated the 1st anniversary.

On September 1, 2021, we launched two weeks of celebrations for Binance Smart Chain’s 1st birthday. This article will give you a recap highlighting the best moments of our #BeyondTheBigBang celebrations observed by the whole BSC ecosystem.

BSC’s 1st-anniversary celebration spanned over two weeks. It included a virtual conference and two Metaverse interaction segments brought to you from the DeFi, NFT, and GameFi experts, powered by SecondLive and Dvision Network.

In addition to these live events, our friends building on BSC ran tens of giveaways with total distributed prizes worth over $500,000 in tokens, NFTs, and other prizes, with $110,000distributed during the 1st-anniversary conference airdrops.

#BeyondTheBigBang in 3 minutes

BSC 1st Anniversary Conference #BeyondTheBigBang

September 1

Exactly one year ago, after the launch of BSC’s mainnet, we met with 22 speakers from different projects all around the ecosystem, including Binance’s C.E.O. Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ.

In total, our two hosts Gwendolyn Regina and Julian Tan introduced 20 speakers from 19 projects. The event was split into different sections, with each focused on a specific topic.

We started with Samy Karim, who spoke about BSC’s past and present and how the BSC community is building the biggest community-driven DeFi blockchain. In his introduction to BSC, he thanked the community for support and highlighted the essential data for the past year.

*Actual network data as recorded on August 31, 2021.

After Samy, we continued with a panel discussion on the topic of “Financial Infrastructures that Empower the Internet of Value (IoV)” with CREAM, Animoca Brands, and Chainlink Labs. The panel was focused on the different use cases and innovations in DeFi and IoV.

After the panel, we jumped into action with no one other than the CEO of Binance, in the CZ’s fireside chat. CZ talked about the first time he heard about BSC, its beginnings, and his views on the ecosystem. CZ expressed positive surprise by how much BSC grew in such a short time and added a quick birthday wish. When Gwen asked CZ about his prediction for the future trends that might emerge, he said:

“If you asked me at the beginning of 2017 what will be the next big thing, I wouldn’t say ICOs. In early 2021, I wouldn’t say NFT…You can’t predict this.”

We followed CZ’s fireside chat with the latest views on “New Features on DeFi” with 1inch Network, PancakeSwap, CertiK, PeckShield, and Edge & Node (The Graph). Here we discussed the new features and products born in DeFi and the future of this thriving industry.

In our “Play to Earn: What’s the Key for Mass Adoption” chat with Yield Guild Games, My DeFi Pet, MOBOX, BakerySwap, and Refinable, we discussed the amazing worlds of NFTs and blockchain gaming.

In the BSC Awards program, we awarded the best performing and most creative projects in 6 different categories:

  • Gravity Medal – Projects with the highest transactions count and volume
  • Cornerstone Medal – Best infrastructure providers
  • Innovation Medal – Most innovative projects with unique and new solutions
  • Popularity Medal – Projects with the largest user bases and communities.
  • Guardian Medal – Top contributing partners in the field of security and privacy.
  • Educator Medal – Best media, educational and data platforms, and educators.

To see the complete list of awards, click here.

We finished the evening with a Q&A session with ApeSwap, StreamingFast, Ankr, InfStones, and CryptoBlades, where these projects answered questions from the community.

During the live stream, viewers had a chance to scan three different QR codes that led to #BeyondTheBigBang Airdrop powered by MathWallet and sponsored by our partners. In total, we gave away $110,000 in tokens to over 9,000 viewers who were among the fastest to snatch the airdrop.

The First BSC Anniversary by SecondLive

September 2-7

Over these six days, the community could join SecondLive’s Metaverse venue, where we celebrated the first anniversary with 76 projects. In total, almost 10,000 attendees joined the virtual conference and shared $36,000 in treasure hunts. See the graphic below that highlights the event.

Each day came with a different program filled with AMAs with BSC projects, treasure hunts, and other activities.

SecondLive Metaverse Venue

Binance Smart Chain 1st Anniversary in Dvision Metaverse

September 8-13

Dvision Metaverse introduced a virtual venue with 30 BSC Builders 25 Airdrops for a total of $100,000 in tokens and NFTs.

Attendees could participate in several panel sessions, quests, discussions, mini-events, such as the dancing session with CZ, and more.

Here are the highlights of BSC’s 1st Anniversary by Dvision.

Dvision Metaverse Venue 

Partners & Sponsors

We want to use this opportunity to thank once again all our partners and sponsors who made this happen and pushed Binance Smart Chain beyond the Big Bang.

Thank you for reading this recap of our 1st-anniversary celebrations, and we hope you’ll keep being part of this incredible ecosystem and help us drive BSC towards the next frontiers.

Missed the events or want to rewatch them? We got you covered!

BSC 1st Anniversary #BeyondTheBigBang (starts at 57:48)

BSC 1st Anniversary in Dvision Metaverse