BNB Chain Summer School: University of Zurich – July 7th

BNB Chain Summer School: University of Zurich

Teaming Up for the Ultimate Blockchain Summer School Experience!

We are thrilled to announce an energizing collaboration between BNB Chain and the University of Zurich (UZH) for the International Summer School “Deep Dive into Blockchain.” This isn’t your average summer school – it is an electrifying opportunity for young enthusiasts and aspiring developers to explore the limitless possibilities of blockchain alongside the biggest blockchain community.

Unleashing Creativity with BNB Chain X UZH

At UZH, they do not just follow trends; they set them! That is why CoinDesk has ranked UZH among Europe’s top 3 universities for blockchain education. Now, they’ve joined forces with BNB Chain to offer an unparalleled learning experience that excites students.

With BNB Chain leading as a guide, students will have the opportunity to get hands-on and build projects that have the potential to make waves in the blockchain world. We are talking about exploring possibilities of dApps on BNB Smart Chain, including leveraging the utility of Decentralized Storage on BNB Greenfield.

Students will also be mentored on Programmability, Smart Contract integration, and Proof-of-Challenge – the foundational technologies shaping the future of Web3.

Mentorship and Feedback

The program will not just throw students into the deep end. The tech brains of BNB Chain will be there to provide personalized guidance and invaluable feedback on students’ projects. This means they will learn pragmatically from someone embedded in the industry and get a chance to fine-tune their ideas to make them viable.

With around 80 brilliant young minds joining this program, this will be a perfect opportunity to collaborate, network, and accelerate students’ growth as blockchain innovators. Wait, and there is more! BNB Chain will offer scholarships to some of these bright minds to encourage their innovation on BNB Chain.

Imagine having the opportunity as students to showcase cutting-edge projects to a global audience! BNB Chain will feature some of the students’ journeys and the most remarkable projects from the program on our social media platforms to inspire others with the student’s creativity and vision.

A Journey Beyond the Summer School

Calling all innovators, dreamers, and blockchain enthusiasts! The collaboration between BNB Chain and the University of Zurich for the International Summer School “Deep Dive into Blockchain” is just the beginning of the many initiatives BNB Chain leads to bringing value to the global Web3 community.