BNB Chain Epic News (16th to 22nd June)

BNB Chain News (June 16th -June 22nd)

It’s been a thrilling week as we announced our Layer 2 solution to the world: opBNB! This development is part of our ongoing mission to bring the power of blockchain to everyone while embracing and driving forward innovation.

The opBNB Testnet launched on 19 June 2023! We’re calling on testnet Validators and dApp Builders to try the Testnet and provide feedback.

You’ll also find information about new projects, resources to boost your Web3 project, and more. Read ahead for more! 

New Projects on BNB Chain 🔥

Read our full blog for descriptions of each new project.

Ecosystem Highlights 🌎

🔸 Announces Layer2 Solution: opBNB 
🔸 Deep Dive: opBNB’s High Performance and Low Cost
🔸 BNB Greenfield: Upgrade and New Features
🔸 AvengerDAO Bootcamp – Last Days to Enter!
🔸 BCS Testnet Hard Fork Update

BNB Chain in the News 📰

🔸 Launches EVM-compatible Layer 2 network opBNB on testnet
🔸 Releases Layer 2 Testnet Based on Optimism’s OP Stack
🔸 Our Dev Team’s Appearance on CryptoCoffeePod

Community Events and Resources 🙌

Let’s leverage the power of opBNB together to create a blockchain ecosystem that is efficient, scalable, and sustainable. The future is optimistic, and we’re thrilled to shape it with you. 

Join the 19 June Testnet launch and start building on opBNB now!

With increasing users and projects joining its vibrant community. However, with this growth comes the need for enhanced security measures. AvengerDAO, a prominent player in an ecosystem, is raising security awareness and educating users through their upcoming bootcamp.

Learn and earn with this month’s AvengerDAO Bootcamp!

This program aims to reward projects contributing to the BNB Chain ecosystem by providing gas fee incentives to qualified projects.

Apply Now to enjoy a Gas Grant for your dApp.

BNB Chain Builder Grants award grants or non-financial support to builders and Web3 projects contributing to an ecosystem.

Apply Now!

We constantly explore innovative and meaningful ways to support the developer community. To that end, we have negotiated discounts and premium services to provide critical development tools and grouped them into a starter pack called BNB Chain Kickstart that you can use to build, grow and scale your dApps.

Blockchain is redefining what’s possible on the internet. Web3 developers have the power to shape this revolution! We invite student hackers, builders, professors, and blockchain enthusiasts to join our pioneering University Initiative – an opportunity to learn, create, and own the future of the web.

Apply to be a Student Ambassador here!

Red Alarm 🚨

Your security is a top priority!

Make sure to review our weekly Red Alarm list to familiarize yourself with suspicious actors on our network.