Hurry to Join AvengerDAO Bootcamp and Share $10K USDT in Prizes.

Join AvengerDAO Bootcamp and Share $10K USDT in Prizes

The BNB Chain ecosystem is growing rapidly, with increasing users and projects joining its vibrant community. However, with this growth comes the need for enhanced security measures. AvengerDAO, a prominent player in the BNB Chain ecosystem, is raising security awareness and educating users through their upcoming boot camp. 

Let’s delve into the details of the AvengerDAO Bootcamp and its objectives, highlighting the importance of security and the role of AvengerDAO products in protecting BNB Chain users.

How to Participate in the AvengerDAO Bootcamp

Participants must read the article thoroughly and then complete the quiz. To pass the lesson, participants must answer three questions correctly. Each quiz can only be attempted once, promoting fairness and maintaining the integrity of the boot camp.

Campaign Period

The AvengerDAO Bootcamp campaign will occur from June 13 to June 26, starting at 12 PM UTC. During this period, participants can learn, engage, and win from the shared pool prize of $10,000 USDT.


Participants can increase their chances of winning by passing more quizzes to enter different raffle pools. There are 3 raffle pools ($5, $15, and $80 USDT), each with 100 lucky winners. The  winning rewards are as follows:

Raffle Pool Type (USDT)User pass 3 quizUser pass 5 quizUser pass 8 quiz
$80 ✔️
You can Win up to $5$20$100

For example, if you complete eight quizzes, you can participate in three raffle pools with prize values of $5 USDT, $15 USDT, and $80 USDT, respectively. If luck is on your side, you could win up to $100 USDT.

11 Engaging Lessons in AvengerDAO Bootcamp

Enhance your Web3 security knowledge with AvengerDAO Bootcamp’s online lessons to gain valuable insights from AvengerDAO members and master key concepts.

  1. Adopting Web3 Standards by AvengerDAO
  2. Becoming Web3 Security-Literate by CertiK
  3. Protecting Yourself in the Dark Forest of Web3 by GoPlus Security
  4. How to Stay Safe from Phishing in Web3? by BlockSec
  5. Defend Against Sandwich Attacks on BNB Smart Chain by Ironblocks
  6. Secure and streamline your Web3 experience with MPC and Account Abstraction by Particle Network
  7. Smart contract monitoring for early threat detection by Lossless
  8. Guarding the Gates of Web3: Tackling Cyber and Financial Exploits by Hexagate
  9. AvengerDAO Risk Scanner – Navigate Web3 Safely by Verichains
  10. The Crucial Role of a Security Operations Center, SOC by Cyvers
  11. Financial Risks of DeFi by Fibonacci Finance

The AvengerDAO Bootcamp is a vital initiative to enhance security awareness and education within the BNB Chain ecosystem. AvengerDAO aims to create a safer and more secure environment for BNB Chain users. Through their products and contributions, AvengerDAO is dedicated to protecting the community and ensuring users have the necessary knowledge to safeguard their assets. 

Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners on June 26 at 1 PM UTC, and let’s embrace a more secure BNB Chain future together!