BNB Chain Hackvolution: Highlight from Day 1 to 4

BNB Chain Hackvolution: Highlights from Day 1 to 4

Our BNB Hackvolution workshop series unfolded over four enlightening days. From the convergence of blockchain and AI to the frontiers of decentralized data management, each day unveiled a new facet of the evolving blockchain ecosystem. Join us as we embark on a recap of the captivating highlights that marked this transformative journey.

Day 1: Empowering Data Management through Greenfield and BNB Smart Chain

The inaugural day of the BNB Hackvolution event kicked off with an immersive deep dive into the dynamic landscape of decentralized data management. Attendees were greeted with a rich tapestry of insights, ranging from the nuts and bolts of Greenfield – a revolutionary decentralized file storage solution built atop the BNB Smart Chain, to the seamless cross-chain communication that bridges different blockchain networks.

Unlocking the Potential of Greenfield. At the heart of Day 1’s discussions was BNB Greenfield, a decentralized file storage paradigm that harnesses the power of the BNB Smart Chain. Its architecture empowers users to effortlessly store, upload, download, and manage data via the magic of smart contracts. A standout feature of BNB Greenfield is its ability to cater to a diverse spectrum of data privacy needs, allowing users to establish access policies that render their data either public or private.

Listing, Buying, and Interaction with Smart Contracts. As the day progressed, participants were introduced to the practical intricacies of listing and purchasing data on the BNB Greenfield marketplace. They delved into the intricacies of creating transactions to list data and initiate purchases, all orchestrated through the intelligent choreography of smart contracts.

The spotlight then turned to the interactive facet of smart contracts, with attendees exploring the means to directly engage with BNB Greenfield’s smart contracts using Web3 libraries. This hands-on experience empowered participants to conduct searches, retrieve fees, and access an array of Greenfield’s offerings with ease.

Equipping Developers with Tools and Resources. To empower the workshop participants to embark on their own transformative journeys, Day 1 concluded by unveiling a treasure trove of tools and resources. Repositories of smart contracts, server applications, and user interfaces awaited exploration. SDKs in Go and JavaScript beckoned developers to craft their own applications, while vibrant community channels including Discord, Telegram, and Twitter stood ready to foster collaboration and extend support.

Day 2: Scaling New Heights – A Glimpse into Layer 2 Scalability

Day 2 of the Workshop included Alan from SecondLive, Jimmy of Ultiverse, Thibault from BlockVision, Michael from Celer and Arno from BNB Chain. Here is a summary of the key points discussed.

Addressing Scalability Challenges. The day’s discussions launched with an intense focus on the scalability hurdles that have long plagued blockchain networks, with Ethereum taking center stage. The panelists keenly highlighted the necessity of tackling these challenges head-on. Enter layer 2 solutions, the avant-garde paradigm poised to revolutionize blockchain scalability. With promises of heightened throughput, reduced transaction fees, and improved user experiences, layer 2 solutions are heralded as the answer to the burgeoning demands of the blockchain ecosystem.

A brief introduction of opBNB. A noteworthy highlight of the conversation was the spotlight on opBNB, an embodiment of the layer 2 promise. opBNB harnesses the potential of optimistic rollup technology, providing an elegant solution to enhance scalability without compromising security. opBNB has the potential to become a game-changer in the realm of blockchain scalability, making a compelling case for its integration within the broader blockchain ecosystem.

The Union of Technology and Development. Technical intricacies took the forefront as the panelists delved into the inner workings of layer 2 solutions. Optimistic rollups and zero-knowledge proofs (zKPs) emerged as stars of the show, showcasing their capacity to propel blockchain scalability while maintaining the integrity of data. The discussions unveiled a harmonious union between layer 1 and layer 2 solutions, underscoring the significance of hybrid approaches that cater to diverse use cases and application scenarios.

Innovation Breeds Infrastructure. The spotlight shifted to the infrastructure that nurtures the growth of layer 2 solutions within the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. BlockVision emerged as a crucial pillar, offering a suite of APIs and tools to fuel the ambitions of developers and users alike within the BSC ecosystem. Celer Network, an interoperability protocol, stood out with its commitment to fostering seamless user experiences across various blockchain applications and chains.

Day 3: Charting a Course in DeFi Ecosystem

The journey through the realm of blockchain innovation continued with unwavering vigor on Day 3 of the BNB Hackvolution workshop. Many thought leaders took center stage, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. The workshop welcomed Luna from COMBO, Jess from Hooked Protocol, ZhiMao from Cyber Connect, Dan from Pandle, and Bob from Maverick, with Marwan from BNB Chain gracefully steering the ship as the moderator.

COMBO’s Vision for Web3 Gamin. The stage was set for a thought-provoking day with Luna from COMBO, who meticulously dissected the challenges plaguing web3 gaming. She unveiled the high barriers to entry, scarcity of development kits, and the daunting specter of transaction costs that loom large. COMBO’s clarion call centers around forging a new era of AAA blockchain games, where user experience and gameplay reign supreme, transcending the purely financial realm. With an unyielding focus on on-chain games, COMBO unveils a comprehensive solution for developers to embark on their projects within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Hooked Protocol’s Bridge to Web3 Adoption. Jess from Hooked Protocol illuminated the path toward web3 adoption, offering an inspiring perspective on redefining infrastructure. In their quest to onboard billions of users into the web3 fold, Hooked Protocol champions the cause of education and entertainment. Jess adeptly navigated through the barriers of adoption, acknowledging the lack of motivation and education as roadblocks.

The Hooked Lego system emerged as a beacon, offering developers modular solutions to tailor educational experiences. Meanwhile, the Hooked Alumni system bridges the gap by empowering users to document, certify, and bask in the rewards of their web3 learning journey.

Cyber Connect V3. The curtains lifted on the unveiling of Cyber Connect V3, a symphony of abstract accounts and account obstruction conducted by ZhiMao and the Cyber Connect team. The upgrade echoed with features like user operations, social logins, and the orchestration of gas fee sponsorships through paymasters. Compatible with ERC-4307, Cyber Connect V3 provides a fluid conduit for users to manage transactions and delegate gas payments.

The ecosystem’s canvas is painted with abstract accounts, a cyber graph for social connections, and the expansive Cyber Network. This visionary upgrade ignites the potential to seamlessly onboard new users and usher them into the immersive web3 experience.

Maverick Protocol and Pendle: Navigating the DeFi Seas. The dialogue shifted gears, spotlighting the domain of sustainable DeFi protocols. Representatives from Maverick Protocol and Pendle emerged as voices of wisdom, addressing the challenges and strategies inherent in crafting protocols capable of weathering market fluctuations and external pressures.

Maverick Protocol’s focus on liquidity management and Pendle’s prowess in yield trading converged to shed light on the path forward. The essence of sustainable DeFi was unveiled—a harmonious blend of utility and resilience in protocol design. The narrative echoed the importance of utility, endowing users and protocols with real value and indispensable features.

The conversation culminated with a blueprint for crafting enduring protocols. The key takeaways emerged as guiding stars:

Construct Protocols with Real Utility: Protocols must transcend mere novelty, offering genuine value and indispensable functionality to users.

Weave a Resilient Fabric: Rigorous stress testing and simulations serve as the crucible for forging resilient protocols capable of withstanding market storms.

Tokenomics and Incentives: Properly aligned incentives fortify the protocol ecosystem, nurturing a harmonious relationship among users, LPs, token holders, and builders.

Leverage Collective Wisdom: Learning from the triumphs and tribulations of predecessors steers the course toward enhanced designs and sustainable growth.

Day 4: The Fusion of AI and Web3: A Vision Unveiled

Day 4 ignited with a thought-provoking exchange, unraveling the intricate dance between Web3 and AI. The session was facilitated by Vic from BNB Chain and welcomed Connie from Certik, Abner from Polyhedra, Michael from Xterio, and Weimin from AWS. The discussion revolves around the potential convergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Web3 technologies, along with their implications for various industries.

A common thread wove through the discourse—the transformative power of both AI and Web3 hinges upon robust infrastructure. Participants unearthed the promise of decentralized marvels like zkML (zero-knowledge machine learning), heralding a future where infrastructure enhancements elevate AI and Web3 to newfound heights.

Democratization of Development. Generative AI emerged as a liberator, dissolving barriers that once stood tall. A captivating vision unfolded—bridging the chasm between low code and no code environments. With democratization as the guiding star, technology solutions would no longer be the domain of a select few, but the playground of myriad creators.

Generative AI’s Impact on Content Creation and Gaming. A thrilling prospect emerged—generative AI poised to script new narratives in content creation, particularly within the realm of gaming. From NFT metadata to in-game assets, the landscape brimmed with possibilities. Indie developers, both traditional and Web3-affiliated, could bask in the surge of innovation.

Liberating Knowledge and Skills. AI’s liberating touch painted a vision of democratized knowledge and skills. As an ally across fields, AI served as the cornerstone for enhancement. Creatives unfurled their wings, leveraging AI to amplify their prowess and efficiency, transcending conventional boundaries.

Quality through Quantity: A Harmonious Unison. While the symphony of AI-generated content augured quantity, an enchanting revelation unfolded—quantity might well be the catalyst for quality. Independent developers, fueled by AI’s embrace, could breathe life into untold visions.


From the inception of BNB Greenfield and BNB Smart Chain to the intersections of AI and Web3, a mosaic of transformative potential emerged. This four-day saga cast light on the resilience, ingenuity, and boundless aspirations that fuel the blockchain revolution.

The journey continues beyond these pages, as the world’s pioneers embark on a quest to sculpt a future enriched by technology, democratization, and the magic of the uncharted.

Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary journey.