Recap of the Greenfield Workshop: Decentralized Storage for Web3

Recap of the Greenfield Workshop: Decentralized Storage for Web3

Didn’t have time to attend our Introduction to BNB Greenfield tools workshop? Don’t worry, we’ve created a recap so that you won’t miss out on any juicy bits!

In this workshop, we covered the architecture of BNB Greenfield, how it works with BNB Chain, and its role as a programmable layer for secure and decentralized storage. We also discussed the tools available for developers and gave a live demo of how to upload a website to the BNB Greenfield network. Let’s dive into the highlights!

What is BNB Greenfield?

BNB Greenfield is a decentralized storage network that connects to various blockchains within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Serving as a programmable layer, it acts as the storage layer, offering a reliable, secure, and scalable solution for Web 3.0 developers and users. The possibilities are endless with Greenfield, from storing data for decentralized applications to creating data marketplaces and monetizing data.

The Role of Greenfield in Web 3.0

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web 3.0, BNB Greenfield plays a vital role as a programmable layer and decentralized storage provider. It connects to various blockchains within the BNB Chain, ensuring seamless integration for developers. With its unique architecture, BNB Greenfield provides direct data storage on decentralized nodes, eliminating the need to store data through the blockchain. This ensures high throughput and faster access, making it an efficient solution for Web 3.0 applications.

Under the Hood: How Greenfield Works

At the core of BNB Greenfield’s operation are two essential components: storage providers and the Greenfield blockchain. Storage providers are decentralized nodes that store data directly, not through the blockchain. This approach ensures optimal data availability and speeds, eliminating the bottlenecks associated with traditional centralized storage solutions.

The BNB Greenfield blockchain acts as a separate entity with its BNB balance and a set of validators. These validators build blocks on the blockchain and also challenge storage providers for data availability. This ensures data integrity and guarantees that data remains intact and accessible for users.

Greenfield: Made for All

One of the standout features of BNB Greenfield is its inclusivity. It caters to both BNB Smart Chain developers and the broader Web3 community. Existing BNB Smart Chain developers can easily integrate Greenfield into their applications using its easy-to-use SDK, providing direct connectivity to existing solutions like IPFS, Filecoin, or even traditional cloud storage providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Web3 developers can port their solutions to BNB Greenfield without hassle, enjoying the benefits of a fast, secure, decentralized storage network.

A Seamless Experience

BNB Greenfield offers a user-friendly experience for developers and users alike. The BNB Greenfield scan and storage providers interface provide a simple and intuitive way to manage data and access various storage providers. The powerful CLI and SDKs enable developers to interact with the network programmatically, opening up endless possibilities for innovative applications and services.

Uploading a Website: A Live Demo

In a live demonstration during the workshop, we witnessed how easy it is to upload a website to BNB Greenfield. Using the CLI, a simple command allowed us to create a bucket for our website and upload its files effortlessly. The website’s files were instantly accessible through the BNB Greenfield blockchain, highlighting the network’s efficiency and speed.

Monetizing Data

BNB Greenfield presents an exciting opportunity for data monetization. The flow-based billing model allows account owners to maintain a balance of BNB, covering the costs of data storage and retrieval. Users accessing the data do not need to pay anything, simplifying the process for non-blockchain users. BNB Greenfield provides an excellent opportunity for developers and data owners to earn revenue by creating data marketplaces and sharing valuable data with others.

Greenfield vs. Other Decentralized Storage Networks

What sets BNB Greenfield apart from other decentralized storage networks like Filecoin, Arweave, and Storj? BNB Greenfield’s native programmability layer leverages the EVM on the BNB Smart Chain, offering fast and secure operations without requiring additional tokens or complicated processes. This seamless integration with BNB Smart Chain applications gives Greenfield a competitive edge in the Web 3.0 landscape.


As we enter the era of Web 3.0, decentralized storage and programmability have become paramount. BNB Greenfield emerges as a trailblazing solution, providing a decentralized storage network and programmable layer that simplifies data management and enhances application performance. With its user-friendly interface, easy integration, and innovative billing model, BNB Greenfield opens up exciting possibilities for developers and users alike.

The BNB Greenfield workshop provided valuable insights into the world of decentralized storage for Web3 applications. Its programmable layer, integration flexibility, and user-friendly features make it a promising solution for developers looking to enhance their projects’ security and decentralization.

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