Navigating the Diverse opBNB Landscape (140+ dApps)

Navigating the Diverse opBNB Landscape

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, opBNB aims to bring forth a new era of decentralized applications (dApps) and partnerships that reshape the way we interact with the blockchain. As the opBNB mainnet goes live, it welcomes 140+ dApps and service providers.

Join us as we dive into the world of opBNB, where near-zero gas fees, high performance, and ironclad security meet to redefine the Web3 experience.

A Vision of Inclusivity

opBNB was conceived with a clear mission in mind – to welcome builders that reimagine next-generation applications that usher in the next billion users into the world of Web3. This vision began to take shape through rigorous stress testing campaigns in August and the launch of the developer testnet back in June. Today, opBNB is a growing landscape, with projects spanning Gaming, Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, and SocialFi sectors.

What Sets opBNB Apart?

At the heart of opBNB’s innovation lies the foundation of modular OP Stack , which abstracts the execution layer into its own realm, leaving other blockchain functions to be handled by the Layer 1 (L1), in this case, the BNB Smart Chain (BSC). The opBNB layer processes transactions off-chain and submits the Layer 2 transactions in batches to the L1.

This approach ensures higher capacity of transactions processing and reduced gas fees for users on opBNB; the Layer 2 (L2). Much like other rollup solutions, opBNB utilizes the gas token of the L1 chain, which in this case, is the BNB token.

OpBNB doesn’t stop there. It introduces several key optimizations:

1. Enhanced Data Caching: OpBNB adds an additional caching layer (L1.5: “SharedPool”), boosting the cache hit rate. This optimization reduces the need for direct database queries, thereby enhancing data retrieval efficiency.

2. Streamlined Block Mining: Unlike traditional OP Stack chains that execute transactions twice during block production, opBNB stores the first execution’s results in the cache. This eliminates redundant executions, significantly reducing block production time.

3. Efficient Batcher Operations: OpBNB enhances the batcher by introducing asynchronous batch submission. This allows the batcher to submit batches of transactions without waiting for confirmation, eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing transaction throughput. Additionally, opBNB’s system actively monitors for reorgs on the L1, ensuring the resubmission of affected transactions when necessary.

These optimizations have enabled opBNB to achieve an astounding 4,000 transactions per second on its chain, all while keeping average transaction fees as low as USD 0.005. This remarkable combination of high transaction processing capabilities and low fees positions opBNB as an ideal platform for the gaming industry, a sector that opBNB has clearly set its sights on.

Furthermore, opBNB adopts a trustless approach with no assumptions about the sequencer. opBNB transaction data submitted on BNB Smart Chain is verified by all nodes. A multi-sig wallet that can be used to upgrade core opBNB smart contracts.

Innovations on opBNB

At opBNB, the vision extends beyond the blockchain. The platform encourages builders to envision next-generation Web3 products that resonate with users across the globe. This vision is all-encompassing, benefiting builders, creators, businesses, and everyday users alike.

opBNB builders and developers can benefit from the following support:

  • Non-monetary support via Kickstart, the Liquidity Program, BNB Chain ecosystem job board and dedicated marketing support.
  • Monetary support via Builder GrantsGas Grants and the Most Valuable Builder Program (MVB)
  • Developer tutorial and dedicated technical support with detailed integration documentation here.
  • opBNB projects can showcase their decentralized applications on DappBay – the Web3 dApp store for users to safely explore and use dApss on BNB Chain. DappBay lets users discover new dApps, rankings, analytics, campaigns, and airdrops, giving projects the opportunity to be in front of a larger audience, to enhance visibility and engagement

So, who are the trailblazers integrating and building on opBNB? While we can only offer a snapshot of the ecosystem’s growing landscape, here’s a glimpse into some of the dApps and service providers that are embracing and integrating opBNB. These projects are either already live on opBNB or in their testnet phase:


BabyDoge SwapCubiswapEquitySwapFlokiFi LockerGridex
Orbiter FinanceRange ProtocolRhino.fiRuby DexThales
ThenaTransit Swap

Gaming / NFT / Metaverse

Aneemate | QORPOAnomeARKMetaBurger CitiesFlappyMoonBird
GaiminInception (prev. SSD)LiferestartMathVerseMetaPals
MOBOXNemesis DownfallOmniKingdomsPlanet HaresShareverse


Edu3LabseTukTukHookedPoP PlanetPOP Social


AltoscanAve.aiBinance OracleCarbon BrowserChainGPT
CieloCovalentDeCommasDeFi LlamaGetblock 
GlacierLayerZeroLoreManta NetworkMathWallet 
OKX walletOrb labsParsiqPolyhedraPoolz Finance
Stork NetworkToken PocketzkLink

With opBNB’s commitment to near-zero gas fees and high performance, we are excited to usher in a new era of innovation and accessibility both builders and users.