BNB Chain Partners With

BNB Chain Partners With

Despite challenging market conditions, BNB Chain’s outlook on Web3 remains positive. We have seen mainstream adoption of dApps continue to grow unabated in 2022 and believe the future is bright for projects building across all categories. In GameFi, we have seen the formation of reputable studios and the growth of qualified projects with large and passionate communities. While these signs are encouraging, we recognize that we are still in the early stages of GameFi development.

In order to facilitate the continued growth and development of this space, BNB Chain is excited to announce a partnership with, whose mission to become the ultimate destination for Web3 gaming aligns perfectly with our mission to onboard the next 1 billion Web3 users.

As partners, we have set a number of goals to achieve together in three main areas:

  • DApp Development. offers a full suite of solutions to facilitate growth throughout the entire GameFi dApp development lifecycle, which complement BNB Chain’s frequent and active support of prospective and existing GameFi dApps. Together we will help new GameFi dApps come on-chain and existing GameFi dApps to flourish.
  • Technical Research. Both and BNB Chain are dedicated to the continued technical evolution of the GameFi ecosystem. To that end, we are committed to developing ground-breaking research that will push the quality and user experience of GameFi dApps to the next level.  
  • Community Growth. Happy, frequent gamers are the lifeblood of the GameFi ecosystem. BNB Chain and will work together to optimize the gaming experience for all GameFi dApps on BNB Chain.

Additionally, our partnership will manifest in group gameplays, Web3 discussions, and competitions in which both of our communities can participate. As market conditions improve, with the help of, BNB Chain will continue to grow the premiere GameFi ecosystem in the world. Explore games on BNB Chain and start playing!