Gas Grant Participants Announcement – August 2023

Gas Grant Participants Announcement - August

This initiative is designed to reward inventive projects with gas fee incentives, fostering growth within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

If you haven’t applied yet, don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity – review the rules and complete the application form here!

We’ve chosen the following projects to support with the Gas Grant Program:

  1. AveAI
  2. Citizen Conflict
  3. Cyber Tune
  4. DexCheck
  5. DexView
  6. Freeper
  7. Gaimin
  8. Intoverse
  9. Magpie
  10. MatchNova
  11. MetaOne
  12. NFPrompt
  13. OpenOcean
  14. PLANET
  15. Playbux
  16. QnA3
  17. SecondLive
  18. TaskOn
  19. Trader Joe
  20. Type!T

These eligible projects will obtain gas grants from our monthly pool of USD 200,000 worth of BNB tokens, distributed based on the gas consumption percentage of each project compared to all registered projects.

Make sure your project adheres to our enrollment criteria, which can be reviewed here: