BNB Chain Gas Grant Program: Q3 Summary

BNB Chain Gas Grant Program: Q3 Summary

We are thrilled to share our Q3 summary on the Gas Grant Program. To begin, allow us to provide a recap of the program’s objectives.

Through this program, we aim to support early-stage projects, helping their expansion within the BNB Chain ecosystem. The Gas Grant Program offers monthly rewards from a $200,000 pool, based on a project’s gas fees.

This allows us to further support  those established projects that have recently achieved significant milestones in the near past.

BNB Chain Gas Grant Program: Q3 Summary

Q3 Summary

Across July, August, and September, our support extended to 29, 20, and 23 projects respectively.

Over this three-month period, a total of 42 distinct projects benefitted from this program.

Below is the data for projects we have supported between July and September 2023. June’s data offers insights into the projects’ pre-support performances.

To further amplify the effect of this program, we’ve gathered successful examples from participants who have experienced remarkable growth.

Finally, for your convenience, we will underline the rules and guidelines of the program as a quick summary.

Eligibility criteria

  • One of the following criteria should be satisfied
  • Your project, which was initiated within the last three months, should have a minimum of 100 average onchain DAU (daily active user) in the last week.
  • If your project launched more than 3 months ago, but recently hit a new milestone, your project should demonstrate at least 100 average onchain DAU over the past month to be supported by the Gas Grants program.
  • After enrolled projects must  maintain 80% DAU on a week over week basis.
  • ie. If a project drops from 1,000 DAU to 800 or lower on a week over week basis that project may be disqualified.
  • All projects can be enrolled into the program for up to 3 months.
  • If a project does not meet the eligibility criteria, a BNB Chain BD manager can refer the project for 1 month trial.

Rewards calculation:

  • Project’s total gas fee in the month / Total gas fee of all enrolled projects in the month * $200,000 in BNB (average BNB/USD price of the month). Max cap per project is $15,000 in BNB.

We invite you to apply to our Gas Grant program here. For a more comprehensive guide on what we offer, you can read about the  additional information here.