BNB Pioneer Burn Program: Q2 2021 Review

BNB Pioneer Burn Program: Q2 2021 Review

In September last year, we introduced the BNB Pioneer Burn Program, aiming to help eligible users who lost tokens due to human mistake, such as sending tokens to an incorrect address. In accordance with the initial announcement,  we will cover users’ losses for accepted cases and count the lost tokens under our quarterly BNB token burn activities instead.

As of June 25th, 137 cases involving 15,953.87 BNB (roughly 4.59 million USD) have been covered by the BNB Pioneer Burn Program. All BNB was effectively burned in each quarterly BNB Burn.

So far we burned:

Q4 2020 – 10,838.39 BNB across 19 cases

Q1 2021 – 2,455.20 BNB across 21 cases

Q2 2021 – 2660.28 BNB across 97 cases

Eligibility for the BNB Pioneer Burn Program will help users who lose their assets in the following cases:

  • The lost tokens are either BNB, “wrapped” tokens (e.g. WBNB), or “pegged” tokens (e.g. BTCB) supported via the Binance “Token Canal” Project;
  • The lost tokens are transferred to BEP20 contract addresses that are verified on so that the loss can be publicly justified or recognized as moving the asset out of circulation and cannot be ever brought back;
  • The loss is from an honest mistake and is worth more than 1,000 USD, but is less than the projected BNB burn amount in the upcoming quarter

How to apply for the BNB Pioneer Burn Program

To apply for the BNB Pioneer Burn Program, please contact Binance 24/7 Customer Support, and mention “Pioneer Burn” in your support ticket. The Binance Support team will review your case and confirm eligibility.

Please note that due to an increased number of customer queries, it might take a few days to review your case.