Announcing the Winner of the opBNB Technical Campaign

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The opBNB Technical Content Creation Campaign has successfully concluded with resounding success.

We’re thrilled to recognize the outstanding achievers who have demonstrated exceptional skill and innovation during the campaign. Their contributions, ranging from in-depth blog posts to captivating video tutorials, stood out for their comprehensive knowledge, unique perspectives, and technical expertise.

Following a thorough evaluation period, our panel of experts has chosen @qqorq2’s submission for its exceptional quality and compliance with the campaign guidelines. We are excited to highlight @qqorq2’s contributions to opBNB:

@qqorq2’s has been awarded a total of $3000 for winning this campaign. 

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all participants who contributed their time, expertise, and creativity to this campaign. Your dedication to sharing knowledge and fostering growth within the opBNB community is truly commendable.

As we celebrate the success of this campaign, we encourage all participants to continue exploring and innovating in the field of opBNB development. Your contributions play a vital role in advancing the ecosystem and inspiring others to join the journey towards a more decentralized future.