opBNB Efficiently Handles Surge in Inscription Activity, Proving Network Resilience

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  • opBNB successfully navigated a significant surge in network activity due to a recent inscription boom
  • opBNB processed more than 23 million transactions on December 17 at 4,000 transactions per second, showcasing its high capacity and resiliency
  • Users are advised to explore different blockchain explorers like opBNBScan, along with BSCScan, for a comprehensive view during high-traffic periods

BNB Chain’s Layer 2 blockchain based on the OP Stack

December 22 2023 –  opBNBBNB Chain’s Layer 2 blockchain based on the OP Stack, successfully handled a massive surge in transactions on December 17, 2023. The platform saw 23 million transactions, achieving a rate of over 4,000 transactions processed per second (TPS) at the peak.

The recent surge in activity can be attributed to an increase in transaction activity on opBNB. This event has showcased opBNB’s robustness and scalability in managing high transaction volumes. The platform successfully processed up to 4,000 TPS at peak times and maintained an average of 2,000 transactions per minute over an extended period. Notably, the network achieved a throughput of 100 million gas per second during this time. These figures not only align with the designed capacity of opBNB but also surpass the performance of other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) platforms.

The Core Development Team at BNB Chain said, “opBNB’s processing of over 23 million transactions in a single day underscores its scalability and efficiency, distinguishing it in the blockchain domain. Together with BSC, it stands as one of the only EVM-compatible platforms to handle over 20 million daily transactions. This has set a new benchmark in the blockchain ecosystem.”

In light of the high network activity, users are encouraged to utilize various blockchain explorers for a comprehensive view of network activity. While BSCScan (a product of Etherscan) remains the most sophisticated explorer, alternatives like opBNBScan, powered by NodeReal’s MegaNode, have demonstrated their ability to handle high transaction volumes smoothly.