#MVBIII: Forming a Voting Committee to Bring Decentralization Into the MVB Program

#MVBIII: Forming a Voting Committee to Bring Decentralization Into the MVB Program

Today, we want to share with you the next step in our mission to build a more decentralized and community-driven blockchain ecosystem. To achieve more transparency and fairness in the MVB selection process, we’re establishing a Voting Committee for the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Program! We will use #MVBIII as a pilot test for this new voting structure and continuously improve it.

Some of the 30 Voting Committee members.

This committee will be organized in a new decentralized structure to increase the transparency in the selection process via a fair voting mechanism that we will use to select MVBIII Top Players for the first time. The MVBIII Top Players will be the 10 best projects selected by the committee from the previously announced 41* #MVBIII Monthly Stars (from August to October).

The committee consists of different categories, including the BSC Fund, previous MVB top players, media & influencers, top-tier investment institutions, and world-leading universities.

MVBIII Top Players voting process

As we previously announced, we are collaborating with Project Galaxy, the decentralized on-chain data infrastructure with NFT modules to generate NFT Badges for the committee and MVB participants. Project Galaxy is one of the MVBIII August Monthly Stars and Project Galaxy received investment from the $1B Growth Fund to empower on-chain credentials in WEB 3.0

Each committee member will receive an exclusive NFT Badge with which they can vote for the top projects based on their careful evaluation.

The selection will be based on a weighted voting model. The committee is split into 5 categories, where each category possesses a various percentage of the voting power. Each member will be required to cast their votes to 10 projects they select from the 41 MVB Monthly Stars winners. In the future, we will further dilute the voting power of this committee to increase decentralization and ensure a fairer and more democratic selection.

The voting phase starts today, November 18, at 1 pm UTC and ends on November 25, 1pm UTC.

The voting status will be hidden and revealed only after all committee mentors cast their votes. At the end of the voting, we will select a maximum of 10 projects that received the most weighted votes from the committee.  These 10 projects will be announced on November 25 as the MVBIII Top Players.

You can see the voting page here. Please note that the option to cast a vote will be visible to you, but only Committee members can cast votes. You will not be able to cast a vote. Please ignore the function.

We believe that this Voting Committee pilot will bring more transparency and decentralization into the Most Valuable Builder program and help you understand how this program works.

* Please note that according to the MVB rules, two MVBIII Monthly Stars, BinaryX and Tranchess, will not participate in the final MVBIII Top Players competition as they were listed on Binance.com. They will be displayed in the upcoming Hall of Fame.

# MVB Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll answer some of your most common questions about the MVB program.

Q: Is it still possible to apply for MVB?

Yes! MVB program applications are still open, interested startups can always APPLY, instructions are here.

Q: Who can apply to MVB?

Every project building on BSC can apply to MVB. If you’re building real-life solutions in crypto or blockchain, apply to MVB without hesitation.

Q: When do you plan to close the application window for MVB?

Not anytime soon. We are already planning MVB IV to follow after we complete the ongoing MVBIII competition. All new applications will be considered for the MVB IV.

For more info about MVB, how it works, its benefits, and more, please refer to the MVB Playbook.

If you still have questions about MVB, please join BSC’s dev community in Telegram or Discord & MVB Official Channel.

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