opBNB Technical Content Creation Campaign ($10K Prize)

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A Share of a $10K Prize pool Awaits!

Have you been experimenting with smart contract development and now want to demonstrate your knowledge of developing on opBNB? Are you an experienced developer wanting an opportunity to create meaningful content for your tech savvy peers? Or maybe you are an influencer in Web3 and want to create creative content about opBNB. If so, get ready to showcase your skills and grab a share of the opBNB Technical Content Creation Campaign prize pool! 

This exciting campaign invites anyone to contribute insightful and original content related to opBNB from the wishlist below for the chance to win lucrative rewards. Participants can follow the guidance provided in the BNB Chain technical resources and can apply by sending their submissions here

opBNB Technical Content Creation Campaign Details

Submission Period: 2023.12.21 – 2024.01.21 

Assessment Period: 2024.01.22 – 2024.02.05 

Winners Revealed: 2024.02.06


Prizes will be awarded based on the overall quality of the content and in accordance with the guidelines stated below. $10,000 in BNB tokens will be distributed between up to 10 winners as follows:

PositionPrize Amount
1st Place $3,000
2nd Place$2,000
3rd Place$1,000
Up to 10th placeAn equal share of the remaining $4,000, up to $750 each.

Who Can Participate?

Everyone with a passion for content creation is welcome! 

Whether you’re a seasoned developer, content creator, or a budding technical enthusiast, this is your chance to showcase your flair for creating engaging content. 

You will produce content centered around smart contract development on opBNB, spanning diverse formats like blogs, videos, and articles. To participate, submit your creation and BEP-20 wallet address in our dedicated participation form.

Wishlist for Technical Content

Participants can refer to the following topics for inspiration for their content:

1. Understanding BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and opBNB

   – Explanation of Layer 2 solutions and their role in blockchain ecosystems

   – Specifics of opBNB: Its purpose, how it relates to BSC, and its advantages (for example, faster transactions and reduced gas fees)

2. The relationship between BSC and opBNB

   – How opBNB complements BSC

   – The interaction between Layer 1 (BSC) and Layer 2 (opBNB) in terms of transaction processing, security, and data integrity

3. The basics of smart contracts

   – Definition and importance of smart contracts in blockchain

   – How smart contracts work on blockchain networks

4. Programming languages and tools

   – Introduction to Solidity, the primary language for Ethereum and BSC smart contract development

   – An overview of development tools (e.g., Hardhat, Remix IDE) 

5. Setting up the development environment

   – Installing necessary tools and setting up a local development environment

   – Test a deposit of BNB to opBNB 

   – Connecting to opBNB testnet

6. Smart contract development for opBNB

   – Writing a basic smart contract: Structure, functions, and deployment

   – Best practices in smart contract development for security and efficiency

7. Deploying smart contracts on opBNB

   – Process of deploying contracts to the opBNB testnet

   – Verifying smart contracts with opBNBScan

   – Explanation of gas fees and optimization on Layer 2

8. Interacting with smart contracts

   – Writing scripts or using frontend frameworks to interact with deployed contracts

   – Sending transactions and querying contract data

9. Testing and debugging

   – The importance of thorough testing in contract development

   – Tools and strategies for effective debugging

   – Smart Contract security 

Advanced Topic 

1. Integration with BSC

   – Handling cross-chain communication between opBNB and BSC

   – Dissecting L2 transactions

   – Use cases for Layer 1 and Layer 2 interaction


  1. Comprehensive Content: Ensure your content is thorough, addressing all facets of the chosen topic.
  2. Accessibility: Aim for broad accessibility. Translate complex ideas into a format that beginners can easily grasp.
  3. Uniqueness: Originality is highly regarded. Any form of plagiarism will result in disqualification. Provide clear citations and references for external sources used.
  4. Language: English is the preferred language for all submissions.
  5. Versatile Formats: Select a format that complements your content—whether it be long-form articles, theses, opBNB tutorials, video tutorials, blogs, or whitepapers. If incorporating visuals such as images or diagrams, ensure they are either original or appropriately attributed.
  6. Quality, Structure & Resources: 
    1. Structure: A well-structured piece of content with a concise overview, including use cases and examples.
    2. Voice and engagement: A unique, engaging author’s voice with strong convictions, opinions.
    3. You can refer to opBNB’s developer’s documentation as a reference. 

Get Your Creativity Flowing

Ready to showcase your opBNB expertise? 

Here’s your chance to contribute to the opBNB ecosystem and earn exciting rewards! Use our participation form to submit your original content along with your BEP-20 wallet address.

By participating in this campaign, you not only stand a chance to win a share of the prize pool but also contribute to growth and knowledge-sharing within the opBNB community.