Greenfield dApp Exploration Series: Coldstack

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Today, we embark on another exciting chapter of our Greenfield dApp Exploration Series to understand ColdStack—a Decentralized Cloud Aggregator that seamlessly bridges the gap between a multitude of Decentralized Storage Networks (DSNs) via a single-entry point.

Join us as we unravel how ColdStack is harnessing the power of BNB Greenfield to optimize and simplify decentralized storage while

The Decentralized Cloud Aggregator

ColdStack stands at the forefront as the first Decentralized Cloud Aggregator, offering an aggregation of Decentralized Cloud Storage Platforms and Networks. The platform’s primary goal is to make the utilization of these decentralized storage solutions accessible to users without the need for intricate integration efforts.

Much like how Uber connects riders with drivers or how 1inch sources liquidity from various exchange pools, ColdStack serves as the gateway to the world’s most affordable, secure, and efficient decentralized storage solutions. It’s your ticket to storage optimization and cost-efficiency.

ColdStack’s AI continually scans the decentralized storage marketplace, ensuring that data is stored in the most efficient manner possible. It automates this process, optimizing storage costs through techniques such as cold storage utilization for infrequently accessed files, bulk purchasing of storage space across DSNs, and participation in storage auctions.

Leveraging BNB Greenfield for Seamless Integration

One of ColdStack’s key strengths is its integration with BNB Greenfield, enhancing the user experience in several ways:

Unified Data Exchange API: ColdStack allows users to store and retrieve data across a stack of decentralized storage networks through the Unified Data Exchange API.

Simplified Integration: Users can migrate from centralized providers to decentralized storages without code changes and without sacrificing security. ColdStack makes the transition to decentralized storage effortless, eliminating the need for users to dive deep into the intricacies of various DSNs.


ColdStack’s innovative approach to decentralized storage aggregation, coupled with its intelligent cost-saving AI, optimize and simplify the use of decentralized storage. ColdStack exemplifies how BNB Greenfield, as an infrastructure, plays a crucial role in shaping the future of blockchain applications.

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