Binance Chain Extension Wallet Bug Report, March 2021

Binance Chain Extension Wallet Bug Report, March 2021


In the last few days, the Binance Chain Extension Development team has become aware of a bug that affected some users over the past few days where users cannot use Pancakeswap and some dApps contracts cannot read account’s  balance correctly. We have since shipped a fix, so if you did not experience the issue, no further action is required


Over the course of March 11th 2021, BEW rolled out version 1.136.1 to our users. Since the new release, many users sent complaints about issues with PancakeSwap. Example: and

How to reproduce

  1. Keep Binance Chain Extension wallet locked
  2. Go to
  3. Click on “Harvest”
  4. A confirmation window pops up but shows an  “insufficient funds ” error.


Upon identifying this issue, developers quickly identified the root cause of this issue and a patch was then pushed to all clients via auto-update.

You are Affected

If you are affected by this type of issue, please upgrade your wallet as soon as possible. The hotfix is only released on FireFox and Chrome.


BEW takes user experience very seriously. If you ever experience an issue in BEW, do not be afraid to create a post on our forum, where we will continue to do our best to respond to pressing issues as quickly as possible.For other user support questions, feel free to reach out to us at