Greenfield dApp Exploration Series: NFPrompt

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Welcome to the next chapter of our Greenfield dApp Exploration Series, where we uncover the innovative gems within the BNB Greenfield ecosystem.

In this instalment, we delve into the world of NFPrompt—pioneering its kind on Web3, putting artist creativity at its core. Join us on a journey to learn how NFPrompt empowers users to mint their imaginations into AI-Generated NFTs and discover how it leverages BNB Greenfield to revolutionize the world of art and ownership.

Cultivating Creativity Through Prompts

Non-Fungible Prompts (NFPrompt) stands as the pioneering platform for prompt ‘artists’ on the Web3 landscape. At its essence, NFPrompt enables users to transform their creative prompts into AI-Generated NFTs—a fusion of imagination and technology.

These NFTs are not just digital art; they are verifiable pieces of artistic expression recorded on the blockchain.

Here are the key elements that define NFPrompt’s innovative approach:

Artist-Centric Creativity: NFPrompt places the creativity of artists at the forefront. It provides a canvas where users can give life to their imaginative prompts, resulting in unique and captivating AI-generated artwork.

Blockchain-Powered Verification: Every AI-generated artwork on NFPrompt is verified by an immutable blockchain ledger. This verification process ensures the authenticity and ownership of each NFT, providing a secure and transparent environment for artists and collectors.

Algorithmic Randomness: NFPrompt celebrates the beauty of algorithmic randomness. Similar prompts will never produce the same artwork, highlighting the uniqueness and unpredictability of each creation.

Leveraging BNB Greenfield for a Seamless Experience

NFPrompt leverages BNB Greenfield to offer users a seamless and enhanced experience:

Seedless Experience: NFPrompt understands that not all users are well-versed in crypto and Web3 concepts. To bridge this gap, it provides a way for new users to easily log in without the need for a blockchain wallet. This onboarding process aims to transition regular internet users into the decentralized application world, simplifying the entry into the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Gasless Experience: Incentivizing users to create more AI Artworks, NFPrompt offers a 100% gas fee discount during specified campaign periods. This campaign covers common platform transactions like minting and listing, making it more cost-effective and encouraging creativity.

User Journey

NFPrompt offers a user-friendly journey for artists and collectors:

1. Create NFPs: Artists can use various AI models to create their NFT artworks. The NFT Information UI provides insights into the NFT’s prompt and general information. It also allows artists to delist, re-curate using the same prompt, and update the listing price of their artwork. When an NFT is purchased, the prompt used to generate the image is revealed to the new owner.

2. Buying NFPs: Collectors can browse collections listed in the marketplace and explore detailed information about the NFTs they are interested in. Purchasing an NFP is a seamless process that involves a wallet transaction, transferring the ownership and its associated prompt to the collector’s address.

3. Selling NFPs: Artists have control over their curated NFPs. They can delist, re-curate using the same prompt, and adjust the listing price of their NFPs, ensuring flexibility and ownership over their creations.


The mission of NFPrompt is to fully harness the potential of blockchain technology in the contemporary art industry. It recognizes the evolution of art creation, from traditional craftsmanship to digital art, and now to the era of AI-generated content. Through the power of BNB Greenfield, it provides a gateway for seamless interaction and expression. While questions surrounding AI-generated content still require ongoing discussions, there’s no denying its disruptive potential.

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Stay tuned for more discoveries in our Greenfield dApp Exploration Series as we uncover the innovations shaping the Web3 landscape.