Exciting Developments in BNB Greenfield’s Roadmap

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BNB Greenfield is embarking on an ambitious journey to improve how we engage with data in Web3 and the data economy. This roadmap update shares Greenfield’s upcoming plans on improving the user experience while blending the best of Web2 performance with the innovative features of Web3 in the sphere of decentralized storage.

The Greenfield roadmap update is based on the following design principles:

  1. High-Performance Blockchain for Everyone

One of the core principles of Greenfield’s roadmap is to achieve high performance that rivals popular Web2 services. This means faster transaction processing and improved data handling capabilities, making it an attractive platform for both traditional tech users and those already immersed in the blockchain world.

  1. Simplified Development Experiences

Greenfield is dedicated to making blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly. Whether you’re a junior or experienced developer, Greenfield is designed to be straightforward and easy to navigate, ensuring ease of integration with its advanced features without a steep learning curve.

  1. Multi-Chain Platform

The platform is not just a standalone blockchain; it’s a multi-chain ecosystem. This means users can seamlessly interact with different blockchain networks, opening up a world of possibilities for decentralized applications (dApps) and cross-chain functionalities.

Key Features to Look Forward To

High Performance 

  1. Enhanced Performance: Expect significantly faster upload and download speeds, making transactions and data handling on the blockchain smoother and more efficient. Currently, the upload speed is about 2MB/s, and the download speed is about 20MB/s. The target is to increase SP performance by 5x.
  2. Advanced Blockchain Storage: Greenfield is tackling the challenge of scaling blockchain transactions, aiming to process transactions faster than ever before. 
  3. Bundle Service for Efficient Data Handling: This feature will allow users to group multiple files into a single blockchain object, enhancing the efficiency and scalability of data storage and retrieval.

Simplified Development Experience

To improve Greenfield, we acknowledge a need to focus on making it easier for developers to build on Greenfield. Here are some ways Greenfield intends to do that:

  1. Better Storage Features by:
  • Using tags to organize and sort data efficiently.
  • Making it easy for users to move their data from one place to another.
  • Allowing updates to data in a way that ensures it happens smoothly and all at once.
  1. Account Abstraction: Account abstraction is a solution that makes user accounts on the blockchain more secure and user-friendly. The Greenfield Paymaster proposal aims to bring a feature, similar to the paymaster in Account Abstraction, to Greenfield. This would enable products built on Greenfield to provide more flexible charging choices for their users right from the start. 

Multi-chain Platform

  1. Cross-chain Programmability: Enabling smart contracts as resource owners. Currently, smart contracts can’t give permission for others to use their resources once they own them. This limits how smart contracts can act as resource owners. To fix this, there’s a new proposal to add a cross-chain permission module. This module would let smart contracts on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and opBNB own and control resources, ensuring transparency in all future operations.
  2. Supporting cross-chain communication with opBNB and more EVM-compatible chains

Data Availability Layer for EVM Compatible Chains

  1. Becoming the essential Data Availability (DA) layer for opBNB: Greenfield aims to significantly reduce opBNB gas prices to 10 times cheaper. This solution has the potential to be used for other EVM-compatible chains as their DA layer too.

Enable AI Adoption in Web3

The current AI landscape faces a unique set of challenges that Web3 has the unique ability to address as well. Some examples include blockchain facilitating ownership, decentralization, transparency, and innovation for builders.

This contributes to a promising future for integrating AI and Web3. The new features in Greenfield are designed to enable AI to be implemented on BNBChain, for example:

  1. Storage Strategy for Large Data: To make the most of the Greenfield Storage Provider network and offer users faster data access, there is a plan to create a specialized storage solution for large files on Greenfield.
  2. Off-chain Generic Computing: The introduction of Greenfield Executable aims to shift the processing of large-scale datasets off-chain, lowering costs and enhancing efficiency.

Network Governance and Stability

Greenfield focuses on making it easier and more cost-effective to participate in the Greenfield network, whether you’re a storage provider or a regular user. The upcoming vision for Greenfield involves improving the ease and cost-effectiveness of managing SP nodes. Additionally, there is an emphasis on simplifying the process for SPs to exit the network.

  1. Simple SP Exit Process: Greenfield will make it easy for storage providers (SPs) to exit Greenfield by allowing them to exit and retrieve their deposits.
  2. Lightweight SPs: Greenfield looks at implementing a lightweight architecture for storage providers to reduce computational demands, decrease energy consumption, and minimize the footprint on devices contributing to the storage network.  

Upcoming Milestones

Across Q4 2023 and Q1 2024, Greenfield looks forward to achieve:

  • Enhanced smart contract functionalities where smart contracts are enabled as ‘resource owner’ for better permission control on BSC and opBNB.
  • Improve Storage Provider performance.
  • Simplified process for storage providers to exit the network.


Greenfield is contributing to the BNB Chain ecosystem where it bridges the gap between traditional tech and blockchain innovation. With its user-friendly approach and developer-focused features, Greenfield is excited to help improve the developer experience. 

Stay tuned for more updates as Greenfield continues to innovate!