Celebrating the Taipei Blockchain Week Hackathon Victors

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Taipei Blockchain Week (TBW) recently played host to an electrifying Hackathon, fueled by BNB Chain’s commitment to advancing development and innovation within the blockchain ecosystem. The event showcased many talented developers and ideas, all with the shared goal of pushing the boundaries of technology on BNB Chain.

Celebrating Winning Ideas

The overarching theme, “Mass Adoption Infra, Tooling, and dApp on BNBChain,” set the stage for developers to embark on innovative projects aimed at improving adoption and the user experience. For this event, we received a total of 18 submissions. To encourage and reward developers, we made changes to the award structure distribution.

Let’s dive in on the winning ideas!

1st Prize ($5000): Flair

Flair impressed the judges with its innovative approach to improving fairness and design freedom for game drawings. Their Hierarchical Drawing Pools architecture enables customization of pool probabilities, ensuring constant and fair pull rates using random on-chain variables. 

2nd Prize ($2000): Coin Paysion

Coin Paysion innovates on cryptocurrency payments by simplifying non-stablecoin transactions through features like QR code generation for merchants. The solution streamlines the user experience and eliminates the need for extra steps in the payment process.

No third prize was awarded.

Projects Recognized for their Potential (Each awarded $500):

EasyZKPoll: Establishing a transparent and user-friendly public opinion polling system that is accessible to everyone.

Learnverse: Utilizing zero knowledge technology to create a “learn-to-earn” scenario for users by tracking the learning process through NFTs.

Crypto Persona: Building a decentralized identity management solution for secure, private, and trusted identity verification experiences.

Gabby World: Creating a genAI-native autonomous world where users can generate AI characters and create adventurous gameplay.

Cyber Aquarium: An NFT-based fish farming game promoting the values of environmental conservation, social responsibility, and sustainable development.

Psyduck: Revolutionizing viewer-streamer interactions through a Chrome extension enabling donations using ERC-1155 tokens.

Next Steps

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and acknowledge the exceptional efforts of all participants. We eagerly anticipate supporting the growth of these projects and encourage the community to share in the excitement of what lies ahead for them.

Moving forward, developers and projects are encouraged to sign up for the upcoming season seven of the MVB accelerator, a program run jointly by BNB Chain and Binance Labs. This season also welcomed CMC Labs as a strategic partner for the MVB program. CMC Labs is CoinMarketCap’s accelerator program for ambitious, early-stage projects.  

Season seven of the program now includes both the Startup Track and the newly added Founder Track. The Founder Track seeks to incubate 100 innovative ideas addressing real-world needs, intended for deployment on BNB Chain.

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As the blockchain community continues to evolve, events like BNB Chain’s TBW Hackathon contribute significantly to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the dynamic world of blockchain innovation!