MVB Accelerator Program Teams Up with CMC Labs to Launch New Founder Track, Aiming to Incubate 100 New Projects on BNB Chain

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We’re excited to announce that we have added a new Founder Track to the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) accelerator program. This new track is dedicated to the incubation of 100 new ideas on BNB Chain.

Since 2021, the MVB 10-week accelerator program has been run jointly by BNB Chain and Binance Labs with a mission to support Web3 builders and grow the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Apply today using this link.

What’s New?

This season, we welcome CMC Labs as a strategic partner for the MVB program. CMC Labs is CoinMarketCap’s accelerator program for ambitious, early-stage projects.

The MVB program has also expanded to include two tracks. The first is the Startup Track, which sees the program continuously admit and advise on new startups, facilitating the acceleration of their growth. 

The second is the newly added Founder Track, which serves as a venture studio committed to incubating 100 innovative ideas that address real-world needs. These ideas are intended for deployment on BNB Chain, with backing from Binance Labs. Ambitious builders are invited to apply to the Founder Track and collaborate on realizing transformational ideas.

How to Apply

  • Apply here
  • Applications are open until 23:59 UTC+0 on January 15, 2024
  • If you are an incubator, accelerator, or venture studio that would like to work with BNB Chain, or refer projects and builders to the MVB program, please reach out to

Note: Terms and conditions apply to successful applicants.

Why did we introduce the Founder Track?

We recognize that some of our most impactful ventures result from in-depth collaboration with founders and builder teams during the early stages of their development. Some of Binance Labs’ past early-stage investments and incubations include:

  • Celestia – In 2021, Binance Labs led the seed round for Celestia, previously known as LazyLedger. The founders came to us with an idea for “pluggable consensus and data availability”. As of October 2023, Celestia had successfully deployed its Mainnet beta on Cosmos.
  • Polygon – Sandeep Nailwal and the MATIC founding team joined Season 2 of the Binance Labs Incubation Program in the early-stages of building Polygon.
  • SafePal – SafePal received investment from Binance Labs in Season 1 of the Binance Labs Incubation Program. Binance Labs suggested Veronica Wang join the SafePall team and take on the CEO and Co-Founder role with a focus on business development. Today, SafePal serves 10 million users globally with its hardware wallet solutions.

Through Binance Labs’ partnership with BNB Chain, we aim to replicate this kind of impact within the ecosystem and unlock the full potential of BNB Chain. Our goal is to empower builders who aspire to succeed as founders by facilitating deep collaboration and providing advisory support.

In this way, we help them bring innovative ideas to life and drive progress within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

MVB: Key Facts

  • MVB 7 is a virtual program taking place between February and March of 2024
  • The MVB Founder Track is seeking up to 100 close collaborations with founders across various seasons.
  • You will get to work closely with the Binance Labs investment team and BNB Chain core contributors and developers, in addition to receiving support from across the ecosystem.
  • You can work with us to define and finalize a business idea. Or you can approach us with an idea that you need support in bringing it to life.
  • We are also looking to share ideas with founders who are interested in tackling initiatives that address real-world needs.
  • While the Founder Track is a venture studio focused on deploying business ideas and initiatives that solve challenges on BNB Chain, the Startup Track is designed to support early-stage startups building on BNB Chain. It provides resources, tools and a tailored curriculum to help Web3 startups on their path to finding product-market fit for long-term growth. 

If you want to learn more about the MVB Startup Track, click here.

Focus areas:

  • SocialFi driving new users and on-chain activity
  • On-chain games
  • Intent-centric dApps 
  • Digital identity and reputation 
  • AI-powered dApps (i.e. AI-generated content, AI trade automation and smart contract audits)
  • Massive yield bearing assets (i.e. LSD, restaking and RWAs)
  • Security and privacy solutions 
  • Payment rails using BNB Chain
  • ZK coprocessors
  • Content and data platforms using BNB Greenfield

Interested? Apply before January 15, 2024

Please tell us about yourself or your project by filling out this form. We will read every submission, but we may not be able to respond to all of them. Applicants moving to the interview stage will receive an invitation via email.