Building AI on BNB Chain

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BNB Chain has been making headway in adopting and integrating AI technologies. In this blog, we highlight the AI projects building on BNB Chain, some of which have attracted investments from top Venture Capital firms and got listed by major Centralized Exchanges (CEXs)*, and why BNB Chain is an ideal place to launch AI projects. As BNB Chain’s AI infrastructure grows, we continue our mission toward Web3 adoption.

*Building on BNB Chain does not guarantee investment or exchange listing. 

Why BNB Chain is Ideal for AI Development

The BNB Chain ecosystem is tailored for AI integration thanks to its robust infrastructure and multi-chain architecture, comprising BNB Smart Chain (BSC), opBNB, and BNB Greenfield. 

These three chains combine into one cohesive solution called “One BNB.” This structure facilitates a seamless and efficient environment for AI projects, allowing developers to leverage the unique features of each chain:

  • BSC: A layer-1 platform that offers robust EVM compatibility and a Proof-of-Stake Authority consensus model. This significantly enhances transaction speed and reduces costs.
  • opBNB: A Layer 2 solution built using the OP Stack. Delivering high performance, processing 5-10K TPS, it utilizes optimistic rollup technology to further scale throughput and decrease transaction costs, making it suitable for high-performance AI applications that require rapid processing and low latency.
  • BNB Greenfield: Focuses on decentralized data storage with enhanced privacy and security, providing a solid foundation for AI applications that manage large volumes of data.


BSC provides a robust platform for AI development, utilizing a Proof-of-Stake Authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism that enhances scalability and energy efficiency. It supports up to 5,000 transactions per second with a low average transaction cost of $0.03. This infrastructure is essential for supporting the high-volume and high-speed transactions required by AI applications.

The EVM compatibility of BSC is a significant advantage for AI developers, enabling them to port their existing Ethereum-based DApps with minimal adjustments. This compatibility reduces the learning curve and accelerates the deployment of AI solutions. 

BSC’s fast block finality and the potential introduction of Parallel EVM enhance transaction execution, crucial for AI applications that demand rapid data processing and responsiveness. 

Additionally, as the gateway to the broader BNB Chain ecosystem, including opBNB for scalability and BNB Greenfield for decentralized data storage, BSC enables smooth data transitions and computations across various layers. This integration bolsters the AI development environment, making BSC a secure, efficient, and scalable foundation for AI innovation and deployment in the Web3 space.


opBNB utilizes Layer 2 optimistic rollup technology within the BNB Chain ecosystem, significantly enhancing scalability and user experience by boosting transaction processing speeds and reducing gas costs. By shifting transaction execution from Layer 1 to Layer 2, opBNB achieves better throughput and lowers expenses, making it an efficient platform for high-performance requirements. 

Here is the comparison of opBNB and other L2 solutions:

Gas Fees          $0.001<$0.01<$0.01
Block Gas Limit100M30M32M
Block time1s2s0.25s (min)
Withdrawal/Finality7 days7 days7 days

(* The latest opBNB roadmap has a more ambitious target with 10,000 TPS and  0.001 gas fees, as well as improvements. Details can be found here.)

For AI applications, opBNB’s reduced latency and enhanced throughput translate into superior performance, crucial for use cases that demand quick data processing and responsiveness, such as vehicle motion recognition and chatbots. 

The infrastructure supports a high transaction speed of up to 10,000 TPS with extremely low gas fees, fostering an environment where AI technologies can operate efficiently and economically. This setup ensures that AI-driven applications benefit from faster transaction confirmations and a smoother overall user experience.

The integration between opBNB and BSC also plays a critical role in maintaining data integrity and security. AI developers can use BNB tokens from BSC as a funding source on opBNB, where the Layer 1 BSC network underpins the security of transactions processed on opBNB. 

This synergy allows AI operations on opBNB to run seamlessly without the slower processing and consensus issues typical of Layer 1 systems, aligning perfectly with the needs of real-time AI applications and ensuring that the system remains both robust and agile.

BNB Greenfield

BNB Greenfield provides a decentralized and secure platform for data storage, ownership, and monetization, making it an exceptional foundation for AI applications. Its user-centric model prioritizes data-as-an-asset, giving individuals control over their personal information and enabling them to capitalize on its value. 

The platform supports granular data access control, allowing users to specify permissions for their data. This capability is crucial for AI development, where access to precise and sensitive data needs to be managed with stringent privacy controls. By enabling developers to tailor data access according to specific requirements, BNB Greenfield ensures that AI applications can operate within ethical guidelines and comply with stringent data protection regulations.

BNB Greenfield supports the creation of data marketplaces and crowdsourcing platforms, crucial for collecting high-quality data needed for AI training and development. This infrastructure democratizes data access, enabling AI developers to utilize a diverse array of datasets. Additionally, it underpins DataFi applications, transforming data into a monetizable asset. These features create a conducive environment for AI innovation and deployment, opening new opportunities for data-driven AI applications across various industries.

How BNB Chain Benefits The AI Ecosystem

  • For Developers: BNB Chain offers a robust platform for AI application development, combining BSC’s high throughput and low transaction costs, opBNB’s fast processing for real-time AI responsiveness, and BNB Greenfield’s secure data storage. This integrated environment reduces operational costs and supports scalable and dynamic AI solutions.
  • For Users: Users benefit from the high-performing, versatile, and responsive AI applications on BNB Chain thanks to quick processing and minimal fees. The secure, decentralized data management on BNB Greenfield enhances trust and privacy, improving user experience and making advanced AI tools more accessible and affordable.
  • Innovation and Support: BNB Chain’s ecosystem supports innovation through various initiatives, such as hackathons, the TVL Incentive Program, and the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program. These initiatives reward existing projects and help incubate promising new games, providing a pathway for continuous growth and development in the blockchain gaming sector.

Top AI Projects on BNB Chain

Here is an overview of the overall AI ecosystem on BNB Chain.

Several innovative AI projects have been developed on BNB Chain, attracting significant investment and recognition within the blockchain community. Here, we highlight three notable projects:


  • Platform: opBNB
  • Daily Active Users: 53K
  • Investor: Dragonfly

MyShell is designed to enhance the discovery, creation, and staking of AI-native applications. It offers an open and compatible development environment where developers can utilize various models and external APIs seamlessly. The platform caters to both experienced coders and those with less programming expertise by providing native workflows for advanced users and a modular interface for beginners. This inclusivity accelerates the development and deployment of AI applications, broadening the accessibility of AI technology.

The platform also includes an app store that aids creators in publishing and managing their AI applications. This feature allows developers to track trends within the AI app market and leverage advertising opportunities to increase the visibility of their projects. 

Additionally, MyShell implements a fair reward distribution system that transparently allocates earnings to all ecosystem contributors, including model providers, developers, and users. 

Sleepless AI

  • Platform: BSC
  • Daily Active Users: 1K
  • Investor: Binance Labs
  • Listed On: Binance

Sleepless AI is a pioneering gaming platform that merges artificial intelligence with blockchain technology. The platform’s objective is to provide immersive and emotionally supportive gaming experiences through AI companion games, leveraging the extensive expertise of its development team. 

By integrating cutting-edge AI and blockchain technologies, Sleepless AI creates a unique gaming environment where players can engage deeply with the game’s characters.

Players can access Sleepless AI using either social logins or crypto wallets, offering flexibility in connectivity. The platform features over ten unique companion characters, each designed with distinct personalities to suit different player preferences. 

Upon selecting a companion, that character becomes a player’s Soul Bounded Token (SBT), establishing a unique and untradeable bond with the player. This innovative approach ensures a personalized gaming experience, enhancing player engagement and loyalty to the platform.

Glacier Network

  • Platform: BNB Greenfield
  • Daily Active Users: 5K
  • Investor: Foresight X

Glacier Network offers a scalable and modular blockchain infrastructure tailored for AI applications, focusing on data storage, indexing, and AI processing. It is designed to supercharge AI at scale by providing a robust framework for data-centric tasks, such as storing and querying large datasets. 

Glacier Network’s core components—GlacierDB, GlacierAI, and GlacierDA—facilitate verifiable computing and efficient data management, making it an integral tool for developers handling complex, data-intensive AI projects.

In addition to its core functionalities, Glacier Network enhances Dapps across various sectors. For instance, its Glacier VectorDB is adept at managing vector data, crucial for AI applications that require dynamic data handling. The network also supports DePIN infrastructure, which is essential for applications generating real-time data such as device locations and performance metrics. 

Moreover, Glacier Network aids GameFi and SocialFi developers by providing tools to manage and integrate game metadata and social connections into blockchain applications. 


BNB Chain is revolutionizing the integration of blockchain and AI, providing a robust platform that fosters innovation across various sectors. With its advanced multi-layered architecture and commitment to efficiency, BNB Chain is ideally positioned for developers and users looking to leverage the potential of decentralized AI, shaping the future of digital innovation.