A Recap of BNB Chain Hackathon 2024 Q2: OneBNB – Coding the Future Workshops

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The BNB Chain Hackathon 2024 Q2 served as a hub of creativity and exploration, where developers from across the globe converged to push the boundaries of blockchain technology.  With sponsors like Holoworld.ai, Baby DogeDego FinanceTrueUSDTHENASonorusPolyhedra, and Dora Factory, each day brought forth new perspectives and opportunities within the BNB Chain ecosystem. Let’s take a journey through the key highlights from the workshops and delve into the wealth of insights that were shared.

Check out the workshop video here

Opening Day: Embracing Innovation and Collaboration

The inaugural day set the tone for the hackathon with warm greetings from the business development team, followed by inspiring presentations from our esteemed sponsors. From interoperability infrastructure to AI-powered music production and community-driven projects, each sponsor showcased their vision and support for the BNB Chain ecosystem. The overview of BNB Chain’s vision, incentive programs, hackathon tracks, and application requirements laid a solid foundation for participants to embark on their journey of innovation.

Day 2: Charting the Course for Innovation

Led by Jimmy, Senior Solutions Architect at BNB Chain, Day 2 delved deeper into the challenges and opportunities within the BNB ecosystem. With 14 challenges spanning AI, gaming, DeFi, and social trading tracks, participants were encouraged to push the boundaries of innovation. Discussions revolved around the importance of infrastructure, SDK compatibility, and comprehensive dashboards to simplify the development process and foster growth within the ecosystem.

Day 3: Navigating the Submission Process with Dora Factory

Day 3 brought clarity to the submission process, thanks to insights from the Dora Factory team. As participants prepared to showcase their projects, Dora Factory detailed the significance of an address intelligence tool, while they provided valuable guidance on navigating the submission process. The emphasis on reading requirements carefully and submitting early reflected Dora Factory’s commitment to supporting participants throughout their journey.

Day 4: Exploring Potential Collaborations

TrueUSD kicked off Day 4 with an overview of TrueUSD’s journey and its potential applications across various sectors. Attendees were inspired to explore collaboration opportunities, leveraging TrueUSD’s features and liquidity. Holoworld.ai followed suit, sharing insights on creating AI bots and fostering simplicity and fun in the process. Privacy safeguards and future developments further enriched the discussion, paving the way for exciting collaborations ahead.

Day 5: Unleashing Creativity and Innovation

The final day of the hackathon was marked by a celebration of creativity and innovation. Discussions centered around the disruptive potential of generative AI technology and its impact on content creation. Criteria for judging submissions, incentives for participation, and the introduction of platforms like Sonorus and Polyhedra added to the excitement. The Bitcoin messaging protocol for BNB Chain presented by Polyhedra opened new avenues for secure asset transfers, further underscoring the potential of blockchain technology.


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As the curtains draw on the BNB Chain Q2 Hackathon workshops, the journey of innovation continues. From inspiring presentations to insightful discussions, each day has been a testament to the vibrant ecosystem of BNB Chain. We invite developers, innovators, and enthusiasts to join us in exploring our rich array of developer resources and tools. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your journey in blockchain, there’s something for everyone in the BNB Chain ecosystem.

As participants gear up to showcase their projects, the spirit of collaboration and innovation remains at the heart of this dynamic community. As we look forward to unveiling groundbreaking solutions, let’s celebrate the spirit of creativity, collaboration, and innovation that defines the BNB Chain ecosystem.