Binance Academy PH’s Learn and Earn Training Academy – 6 Campaigns for August 2020

The Binance Academy PH edition course helps beginners learn how to trade crypto. If you’ve never traded before, getting started could be confusing. However, with some planning and a lot of research, you could build a trading strategy that’s logical and works for you. To start on your trading journey, you need to have some training to make it work. If you’ve always wanted to learn to trade but have no idea where to begin, then this course is for you.

It is a 2-week back-to-back program taught live by some of the top cryptocurrency traders in the Philippines based on live markets. Lessons will be 2 hours per day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We will also direct participants to the Binance Academy links for additional information.

Here are the courses divided by levels:

For Week 1: Basic – Learn and Earn in P2P (Cashback)

  • Day 1: Technical Analysis vs. Fundamental Analysis, Trading vs. Investing
  • Day 2: Market Cycle and Driving Factors, Market Trends
  • Day 3: How to Trade in P2P using the Binance platform?
  • Day 4: Promotion 
  • Day 5: Close out P2P Beginners Competition

For Week 2: Intermediate – Learn and Earn in Spot, Margin + Futures (Tournament)

  • Day 1: How to trade in Spot, Margin, and Futures, Futures contracts vs spot trading using the Binance Platform?
  • Day 2: What are Options Contracts, Trading Strategy, Risk Management
  • Day 3: Trading Strategy, Portfolio Management, Day Trading, Position Trading, Swing Trading, Scalping, etc.
  • Day 4: Promotion
  • Day 5: Close out Spot, Margin + Futures Tournament
  • Day 8: Close out P2P Elite Promo

Weeks 3 and 4 is the 2nd cohort cycle of the Learn and Earn Training program, which will follow the same sequence and competitions. 

For students:

  • Interested participants need to register here to qualify for the prize.
  • Students from the basic training program automatically qualify for the intermediate training program. 
  • Interested participants who were not part of the basic training may still qualify for the intermediate training reward by referring a friend and have them trade any amount of crypto through the Binance Futures platform. 


  • All students enrolled in the program will have perks on all upcoming Binance events or campaigns. 
  • For the duration of the course, there will be trading competitions each week exclusive for enrolled students to gauge how much the students have learned on the course. 
  • Students who excel in the competitions throughout the course period will be rewarded each week.
  • Unallocated prizes for the first cohort will be rolled over the next cohort cycle.

To get started, register now!