BSC Project Spotlight: Landshare

BSC Project Spotlight: Landshare

Let’s continue with BSC Project Spotlight, and after a series of GameFi interviews, we’re brining you a change. In this interview, you’ll meet Landshare – a hassle-free alternative to traditional real estate investments.

Landshare offers tokenized real estate assets on the Binance Smart Chain, aiming to make real estate investing available to everyone.

Spotlight on Landshare

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Welcome to BSC Project Spotlight interview, Landshare. Let’s start with an introduction to your project.

Landshare brings real estate to the Binance Smart Chain, offering a hassle-free alternative to traditional real estate investments. By turning real estate assets into fully liquid, yield generating tokens, we create a more accessible form of real estate investment.

Our mission is simple; bridge the gap between DeFi and the real estate industry and make real estate investments accessible to everyone around the globe by eliminating the barriers of traditional real estate investment.

How did you come up with the idea of bringing real estate to blockchain?

We’ve seen the rapid growth of DeFi and have realized that it is the future of finance. It creates investment opportunities for millions of people worldwide who do not have easy access to traditional investment forms. One field within DeFi that is lagging behind is real estate. Traditionally, the real estate industry has had a high barrier of entry and has not been attainable for the majority of the population.

Looking at this, we believed there was an opportunity for more real estate investment on the blockchain. Specifically, we wanted everything from the investment itself to the rental yield distribution to be handled on-chain. We also wanted to ensure our platform was part of the larger DeFi ecosystem, with features like a utility token, vaults, and governance.

Can you tell us a bit about the team behind Landshare?

Landshare’s core development and marketing team consist of Lead Blockchain Developer and CEO Jordan Friske, Director of Marketing and COO Travis Martin, and Lead Web Developer Sumit Sharma with his web development team.

Jordan received an education in computer science and went on to join the US Air Force, where he received training in cyber security, programming, and network traffic analysis. He continues to work part-time in the Air National Guard as a Digital Network Analyst.

Travis has over 7 years of experience in cryptocurrency investment and market analysis. In addition to being COO and Director of Marketing, Travis uses his experience in trading as the primary asset manager for Landshare.

Sumit Sharma leads the web development team for Landshare, consisting of 10 full-stack developers and UI/graphic designers.

In addition to our core team, there are several others working behind the scenes to ensure the success of Landshare. We work closely with a team of legal professionals, experienced real estate advisors, contractors, and trusted marketing experts.

Why should I use Landshare? What are your advantages compared to similar projects?

Traditional REITs and fractional investment schemes suffer from high overhead costs, administrative burdens, and geographic restrictions. With Asset Tokenization, the ownership of real estate is represented by tokens on the blockchain. Distribution of rental yields is also done on-chain, meaning yield distributions are more frequent and incur fewer fees.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of tokenized real estate is the liquid nature of the investments. Tokens represent ownership, and those tokens can be bought and sold on the secondary market to other whitelisted investors or on approved exchanges. The ability to turn real estate into a fractionally tradeable asset is something that is not possible in the traditional setting.

Where do I start with Landshare? Can you share with us some tutorials or how-to guides?

Investing in the real estate industry can seem daunting. Landshare wants to make it a hassle-free process and eliminate the stress that typically comes along with real estate investments.

We have some great resources to help describe the overall process and help out new investors. Landshare’s whitepaper is the best starting point.

You’re dealing with capital and private information, how do you protect your users?

Our token and vaults have been fully audited since before launch. We ensure the security of tokens by maintaining administrative functions on a multi-sig wallet spread across multiple machines.

When it comes to Asset Tokens, the tokens which represent ownership of a specific property, many restrictions are applied to ensure security and legal compliance. For example, if your wallet is hacked or lost, the tokens will be reissued to you. As an Asset Token holder, you have a legal right to your share of the property, so you never have to worry about losing your tokens to hacks or exploits. We are also using tried and true Security Token standards for our asset tokens – code that has already been used to cover hundreds of millions of dollars in asset securities.

Why did you decide to build on the Binance Smart Chain?

The Binance Smart Chain offers solutions to some of the largest issues blockchain technology has – long transaction times and high transaction fees. Building on Binance Smart Chain can eliminate these two issues and make our platform much more accessible to any investor. As previously mentioned, we want to offer a hassle-free and friendly user experience to real estate investing, and BSC assists us in offering exactly that through their blockchain technology.

We also feel that BSC has established itself as the premier blockchain for DeFi – with a massive ecosystem of existing applications and low gas fees – we would pick the Binance Smart Chain every time and be confident in our choice.

Thank your for your complex answers. Now as always in Spotlight interviews, let’s look into the future. What is your vision of the future of DeFi and tokenized assets?

DeFi has experienced rapid growth and development in recent years and has completely changed certain industries forever with the solutions it offers. Just as it was hard to predict what affects the world wide web would have back in the 1990s, it is hard to predict just how large of an impact DeFi will have in day-to-day actions.

DeFi has introduced hundreds of new ways to invest in traditional markets whether that be in the form of decentralized banking, synthetic stocks, or tokenized assets. The adoption of these new investment vehicles is not showing any signs of slowing down.

We believe that blockchain technology will ultimately replace certain traditional methods entirely, especially when it comes to fractional real estate. Blockchain technology is simply more efficient – it reduces barriers such as currency conversion and the need for administrative overhead and banking fees.

And the last one, what can we look forward to from your team in the near future?

Whitelisting for the first-ever tokenized real estate asset on the Binance Smart Chain has just opened. This opens up the world of real estate investment to everyone for as little as 50 BUSD. Users can begin the whitelist process to be eligible for the tokenized asset sale, currently slated to officially launch in late October to early November. Check it out.

The first tokenized real estate on Binance Smart Chain. Source:

Thank you for your time Travis, it was great meeting with you and learning more about Landshare.

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