BNB Greenfield Mainnet: November 7th Upgrade

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BNB Greenfield is undergoing a regular maintenance upgrade. Validators are required to upgrade challenger version to v1.0.1 and storage providers are required to upgrade to  v1.0.2. These operations should be completed before on November 7th 6:00 am UTC.

Please be aware that the upcoming upgrade will not impact your account balance on Greenfield. All buckets and objects stored on the Greenfield Testnet before will remain accessible. 

Greenfield Storage Provider Upgrade

To enhance the user experience, the community is introducing new features and making significant improvements.  For Greenfield SP, a new feature is now available to support indexing objects by updated time. This version also adds a new challenger API to avoid the successful challenge due to the HTTP header being too large for objects with huge sizes.

For other bug fixes, please refer to the change log in GitHub release notes here.

Greenfield Challenger Upgrade

This is a hotfix release to resolve bugs that were found in testnet.

  1. Error response that appears when challenging large objects.
  2. Error handling when the service fails to get the latest block height from the blockchain.

For details, please refer to the changelog in GitHub release notes here.

Announcing Greenfield Wishlist for Innovative Ideas

The BNB Chain Wishlist Program offers a repository to nurture visionary endeavors and make a meaningful impact on the BNB Chain’s development. Whether exploring novel technologies, devising cutting-edge solutions, or revolutionizing decentralized applications, you can find the most demanding and innovative areas.


This upgrade of BNB Greenfield is part of the ongoing commitment to deliver a seamless and effective platform for users. The platform better serves the users by resolving bugs, introducing new features, and responding to community feedback.