Inspiration for Web3 Innovation: BNB Chain’s Wishlist for Our Upcoming Istanbul Hackathon & More!

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BNB Chain’s launch of opBNB and Greenfield opens up endless opportunities for creativity and innovation within the BNB Chain ecosystem. There are a multitude of concepts for creating systems, applications, and foundational components that we hope to witness being developed.

We rely on your ability to seize these concepts and transform them into tangible solutions!

Our brand-new wishlist calls upon projects and developers to bring their creativity to BNB Chain during the upcoming hackathon in Istanbul shortly after Binance Blockchain Week – and the BNB Chain’s challenge for December’s Taipei Blockchain Week Hackathon. 

This wishlist is segmented into different tracks, showcasing our desire to see these ideas come to fruition for a particular use case or sector. So what’s on this wishlist? Let’s dive in and explore the myriad opportunities and challenges that await visionaries and pioneers.

BNB Chain Wishlist

New Data Economy on Greenfield Infrastructure Tracks

  • Leveraging BNB Greenfield for L1 Data Storage
  • Self-host Solution for BNB Greenfield Storage Provider
  • Empowering Greenfield with Advanced Analytics Support
  • Light-weight storage provider
  • Greenfield CDN
  • Publishing Platform on BNB Greenfield
  • Content Sharing Platform BNB Greenfield
  • Knowledge Sharing Platform BNB Greenfield
  • Personal Data Marketplace BNB Greenfield
  • Blockchain of Things(BoT) BNB Greenfield
  • Decentralized AI Training – AI Labeling on BNB Greenfield
  • Data Driven API and Services on BNB Greenfield
  • Trustless Notary on BNB Greenfield

Dapp Tracks (Goals and Description

Infrastructure Tracks (Goals and Description

Mass Adoption Infra, Tooling, and Dapp on BNBChain

  • Bridging L2 Networks for Seamless Cross-Chain Activity
  • opBNB Data Availability Layer on Greenfield
  • Empowering opBNB with Advanced Analytics Support
  • Accelerating opBNB Node Synchronization
  • Long Term Archive Service Support
  • Fair MEV Infrastructure Enhancement
  • Alternative clients for opBNB
  • BNB Smart Chain Consensus Enhancement to encourage fair plan of validators and stabilization of blocks
  • BNB Chain governance enhancement
  • Accelerating Blockchain Node Synchronization
  • Long Term Archive Service Support
  • Fair MEV Infrastructure Enhancement
  • Alternative clients for BNB Smart Chain
  • Privacy Protection Transactions Protect
  • Stateless on BSC
  • ZK-based Data exchange
  • opBNB On-chain Identity
  • opBNB On-chain Game
  • Decentralized Social Network
  • Perp Dex on opBNB
  • Stable Coin Payment for opBNB

Dapp Tracks on opBNB (Goals and Description

Infrastructure Tracks on BNB Smart Chain (Goals and Description

Infrastructure Tracks on opbnb (Goals and Description

For a more detailed description of the wishlist and tracks for each of the hackathon, visit our Istanbul Hackathon Blog and Taiwan Blockchain 

Let’s get building! 

BNB Chain’s wishlist is an open invitation to developers and projects to explore the limitless possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation. It’s not just a list; it’s an encouragement to embark on an innovative journey. 

The upcoming hackathon opportunities provide a platform for you to showcase your skills and contribute to the growth of BNB Chain! Can’t wait until the next hackathon? You can also submit your idea via BNB Chain’s Ecosystem Bounties program.