BNB Chain Epic News (13th April – 19th April)

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This week, we introduced the Meme Trading Competition with daily prizes to traders. The #1 ranked trader wins $1.5k every day of the competition.

BSC Feynman hardfork was successfully completed, and we published the article about Understanding Delegation Migration on BNB Chain

BNB Chain Fusion Update: Expect BNB migration from BNB Beacon Chain to BSC due to Beacon Chain sunset. This will cause major BNB transfers. But rest assured funds are SAFU!

opBNB had average active users of 2.73 million per day, while BSC had 1.15 million average DAU during this week. The median gas fee on opBNB is at $0.0018 per transaction.

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New Projects on BNB Chain πŸ”₯

Each week, BNB Chain onboards new projects across the landscape of DeFi, AI, DeSoc, Gaming, and beyond. Read our full blog here for descriptions about each new project.

BNB Chain in the News πŸ“°

πŸ”ΈBNB Chain puts up $1M reward to attract memecoin devs

πŸ”ΈBNB Chain To Incubate Three Top Innovative Dapps

πŸ”ΈBNB Chain to Host β€œBNBeach Dubai” Networking Event at Token2049

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πŸ”ΈNew Projects on BNB Chain (6th April – 19th April)

πŸ”ΈReminder πŸ“£ BEP2 & BEP8 Asset Sunset Announcement 

Dev Corner πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

BSC Feynman hardfork: Success! BSC now proudly supports native staking and governance!

The top 45 validators of BC & BSC will be set as active. New validators on BSC have 3x voting power! Please migrate your validators from BC to BSC!

Build memecoins on BNB Chain and participate in our campaign for a chance to tap onto the $1M prize pool! Check out the details here!

Serious about security? Dive into the BNB Chain Bug Bounty Program for a chance to earn up to $100,000! We’re calling on the security research community to help us ensure the security of BNB Chain Fusion. Discover more here!

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