BSC Feynman Hardfork – BNB Chain Fusion, Native Staking and Native Governence

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Mainnet: Apr 18, 2024, at 05:49:00 AM UTC

BC Fusion Details: BNB Chain FusionBEP333

Upcoming Changes In The BSC Feynman Hardfork

BEP-294BEP-297 and BEP-299 will be deployed in the BSC Feynman hard fork.

DefinitionSuport native staking for BSCBSC Native Governance Module Token Recovery mechanism 
AdvantagesTriple voting power when staking an equal amount of BNB.Introduces the native governance module for BSCBEP2/BEP8 token holders to recover their bound BEP2/BEP8 assets after the shutdown of the Beacon Chain(Token Binding Required)
TargetsValidators and delegatorsValidators and delegatorsAsset holder 

Key Actions

Full Node OperatorUpgrade BSC geth client to v1.3.13Upgrade link
Validator OperatorMigrate validator to BSC new staking systemDetailed guide
Staking DelegatorMigrate delegation to new BSC validatorsDetailed guide