#BlockchainPizza: Win unique NFTs from DEGO and BSC!

#BlockchainPizza: Win unique NFTs from DEGO and BSC!

To celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day, BSC and DEGO Finance launch the #BlockchainPizza campaign for artists, creators, and NFT collectors.

Create and mint your unique pizza-themed NFT on Treasureland, share the mint link on Twitter and enter the competition. The top 5 artworks with the most likes win an exclusive NFT with face value of 30 DEGO, minted by DEGO Finance. We’re also running a retweet & win competition where you can win a few more NFTs. Keep on reading to learn more!

How to enter the main competition:

  1. Follow @BinanceChain and @dego_finance
  2. Mint a pizza-themed NFT on Treasureland.market and use tag #BlockchainPizza
  3. Tweet the image of your newly-minted NFT together with its title and mint link, add hashtag #BlockchainPizza, and tag @BinanceChain @dego_finance.
  4. You’re in!

How to enter the win & retweet competition:

  1. Go to @BinanceChain on Twitter
  2. Quote tweet the pinned tweet announcing the #BlockchainPizza campaign
  3. Tag #BlockchainPizza, @BinanceChain and @dego_finance
  4. You’re in!

Prizes for top 5 creators:

  • Each winner receives #BlockchainPizza NFT with face value of 30 DEGO

Prizes for 10 random retweet winners:

  • Each winner receives #BlockchainPizza NFT minted by BSC and DEGO

At the end of the event on May 25, 20:00 UTC, we will take a snapshot of all submissions and retweets. We will announce 5 winners with the most likes and 10 random users who entered the retweet & win competition no later than 24 hours after the competition via @BinanceChain Twitter account.

Treasureland.market and DEGO Finance will distribute the prizes to the winners no longer than 72 hours after the winners’ announcement.

Get creative and eat pizza!

Rules and Submission Criteria

  1. All entries must be original and verifiable (no plagiarism). Submissions cannot contain any copyrighted material from third parties. Use of Binance Smart Chain and DEGO Finance logos and imagery is encouraged and welcome.
  2. The @BinanceChain and @dego_finance reserve the right to disqualify entries where they cannot verify authenticity or originality
  3. By submitting an entry, you are permitting @BinanceChain and @dego_finance to share your work on all social media platforms and public-facing channels. In addition, you are giving @BinanceChain and @dego_finance your permission to show, copy, or use your work.
  4. Entries must be submitted on Twitter with the accompanying hashtag #BlockchainPizza. Users must follow @BinanceChain and @dego_finance Twitter accounts.
  5. The @BinanceChain and @dego_finance reserve the right to exclude offensive, plagiarized, or ineligible submissions from the competition.
  6. Use of Twitter bots or bought likes is strictly prohibited. The @BinanceChain and @dego_finance reserve the right to unilaterally decide the voting outcome if there is suspicion of voting manipulation or other fraud taking place.
  7. @BinanceChain and @dego_finance reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is deemed to break any of the above rules or act with malicious intent.
  8. The @BinanceChain and @dego_financereserve the right to cancel or amend any contest or contest rules at our sole discretion.
  9. The @BinanceChain and @dego_finance will validate entrants’ requirements before the final results are announced. In the event an entrant does not meet the requirements, they will be removed from the competition and replaced with the next artwork according to the number of likes.
  10. All prizes will be distributed in the form of NFTs to winner’s BSC-compatible wallet (BEW, Trust Wallet, etc.). Winners will have to connect their wallet with Treasureland.market in order to claim their prize.
  11. All of the conditions above apply to all the stages of the campaign.