Binance Chain Mainnet Nightingale Upgrade Complete

Binance Chain Mainnet has completed its upgrade and the services have been stable since 2020/07/09 4:00 AM (UTC). The full announcement here.

This is a planned hard fork to add the implementation of BEP8 token protocol, which will also introduce a new trading venue to host BEP8 tokens of small or micro-projects. Based on the limitation usage of the network, the cost of issuing and listing of such BEP8 tokens are minimized to a different magnitude. Nightingale upgrade also introduced a substantial improvement in the process of placing new orders Binance DEX. There will be a longer expiration period for orders at top price levels. With the new feature of BEP-70, BEP2 token issuers can now list their assets against BUSD-BD1 without the requirement of creating BNB pair first.

The latest release of Binance Chain Client has BEP8 Support. Please also pay attention to the new query paths in Tendermint RPC endpoint.

Thanks for your support!

Binance Dex Community