Accelerate Project Growth with BNB Chain LaaS Program

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To further support MVB projects, BNB Chain offers a free one-stop service for launching Dapps. Covering infrastructure, security, and treasury management to business growth and marketing, the Launch-as-a-Service (LaaS) program, in collaboration with BNB Chain ecosystem partners, aims to accelerate project success.

Included services

Additional LaaS benefits

  • Connections with BNB Chain ecosystem partners, for example, audit partners, Launchpool, DEXs, and more

  • Support from BNB Chain for hiring talent

  • Restaking to secure (EigenLayer or similar Restaking protocols)
  • Potential Binance Web3 Wallet or Trust Wallet integration 

  • Potential marketing opportunities with BNB Chain 
  • Introductions to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)
  • General marketing strategy and co-marketing support 
  • Offline event cooperation

How to get involved

LaaS will be available to MVB projects, for free. To avail of the perks, three steps need to be taken:

  1. MVB winners will automatically be eligible. Express your interest to BNB Chain.

  2. Launch on BNB Smart Chain within 3-6 months

  3. Offer BNB Foundation or Binance Labs the option
for investment or token allocation. An agreement will be signed upon onboarding.

  4. Participate in LaaS case study, 
share your experience on socials, and engage in community building and contribution.