What Are Binance’s Core Values?

Since the launch of Binance.com in July 2017, we have been continuously working hard to increase the freedom of money for people around the world. Overcoming obstacles, building new solutions, and growing our community, we have rarely stopped to put into words what drives us as an organization at our core. Today, as we reflect on Year 3 and look ahead with an infinite mindset, we want to share the core values that have shaped who we are today and how we strive to grow in the future.

In the three years of our existence, one thing has been constant: We focus on you. What you – our users – wish to achieve, what you need help with, what you want to talk about. This inspires us to protect your accounts and funds, to listen to you first, and to provide you with quality service and products.

It’s why CZ, our CEO, dedicates nearly 20% of his time on Twitter to interact and listen to the community since the beginning of Binance. It’s why we connect with the global community every day, to better serve our users and build products and services that our users want with our ear close to the ground. It’s why we continue persevering, in a bull or bear season.

At Binance, we’re user-focused. This is the principle we apply in our daily work.

How exactly do we focus on our users? In making every decision, we ask ourselves:

  • Does this protect our users?
  • Are we putting our users’ needs first?
  • Have we delivered quality service?

“We view crypto as a fundamental means to increase the freedom of money. As such, we work hard to promote the adoption of crypto. All of our products and services contribute to that goal, and being user-focused is our key driver.” 

– Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ)

Being user-focused is our overarching purpose, and we strive to achieve that every day by adhering to our four core values:


Throughout Binance’s first three years, we have faced so many challenges that would have pulled us down if we weren’t passionate about what we do. Behind each milestone is a special kind of resilience that allows us to be results-driven at all times. We fail fast, learn fast, and pick ourselves up from each challenge to move onward and upward. This is the hardcore mentality that we practice in our daily work.


At Binance, we are committed to furthering the freedom of money; our products, services, and internal processes all have freedom baked in them. We empower other organizations through open platforms that support them in building great products. We also operate internally on the principle of freedom: if a Binancian wants to build something, we empower them to try. We execute responsibly and autonomously, and empower those around us too.

“We are a global blockchain company devoted to providing an inclusive crypto ecosystem and services, to increase the freedom of money for people around the world in the new era of the financial revolution.” – CZ


In our everyday work, we ensure honesty and being humble and ethical. We take accountability for our actions. When we make mistakes, we own up and fix them, as we have done during our most challenging times. 

Everything we do at Binance follows a high standard of ethics. We’re transparent and sincere. Never attacking others or discriminating. We’re a team of passionate people who value and practice inclusion and building a sustainable ecosystem that is beneficial to our society and protects those who need it.


To be able to put our users first, we communicate openly. We work as a team towards shared goals.

But collaboration goes beyond words. It is shown through our actions; we extend the spirit of collaboration not only internally, but also externally, working with other people and groups in the blockchain universe. We work with others that share the industry’s common mission. We are building the ecosystem together and believe that we are stronger together. 

Our commitment and values resonate back to our users, the center of it all.

As we look ahead to the next 3, 5, 10 years, we’ll continue instilling our values as we continue building blockchain and cryptocurrency services and infrastructure for the future of finance. 

Be part of Binance and share these values with us. Apply for our open positions now.