The MVB Accelerator Program Enters the Last Phase

The MVB Accelerator Program Enters the Last Phase

On Feb 5, 2021, Binance announced its new 3-phase accelerator fund for the BSC ecosystem called the Most Valuable Builder. In this article, we share the latest updates and look at the last, third phase.

When Binance first announced their Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Accelerator Program on Feb 5 this year, new developers and projects stormed the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and started building. Since Feb 8, 2021, Binance received over 650 applications for the MVB fund. This fund is an excellent addition to the existing BUIDL Reward Program for developers building on BSC infrastructure.  

MVB Accelerator Program Timeline

Completed: Phase 1 (March 1-5, 2021)

Binance processed all the eligible applications and introduced the top 20 shortlisted projects. Each of the selected projects went through a scrutinous reviewal process into their business model, structure, and financing.

Click here to see the 20 selected projects in Phase 1.

Completed: Phase 2 (March 8-19, 2021)

The top 20 selected projects from the previous phase continued in the review process. To pass the criteria and move to the next phase, the selected projects must be some of the most demanded applications in DeFi, dApps, or Infrastructures in the BSC Ecosystem with a robust and active community (including but not limited to Twitter, Telegram, Medium, etc.).

Top  8 projects as MVB builders are: :

AutoFarm, PancakeBunny, Bscex, Kebab Finance, Sphinx, Beefy, bDollar, and NFTBox.

Each of the selected projects receives a guaranteed $10,000 grant, incubation workshop with industry experts, and QuickScan security check from CertiK.

Top 5 projects are: AutoFarm, PancakeBunny, Sphinx, bDollar, and NFTBox

Each of the 5 projects will undergo a full security audit from CertiK

Upcoming: Phase 3 (April 12-23, 2021)

Binance will continue the review process in the upcoming last phase and select the top 5 projects eligible for the MVB Accelerator Program based on total volume locked (TVL), liquidity, daily active users, and community.

Each of Top 5 projects will get a chance to obtain at least one of the following benefits:

  • Receive seed funding of up to $100,000in BNB.
  • Receive liquidity support of up to 2 million USD.
  • Participate in the Community Vote for a direct listing in the Binance Innovation Zone.

With the last phase starting on Apr 12, there are only a few weeks left before we get to meet the best 5 BSC projects selected by Binance who will receive amazing benefits to boost their growth and attract new users.

Are you developing a project on Binance Smart Chain and missed the MVB Accelerator Program?

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