Russia Hackathon Recap: Meet the Winners

Russia Hackathon Recap: Meet the Winners

IMPORTANT: Some of the following projects may haven’t completed security audits yet. Please note the following content does not constitute an endorsement or approval of any of the products or services of the project, organization, or individual.

Binance Smart Chain and DoraHacks Hackathon for projects building on the BSC ecosystem is over, and here’s a quick recap of the 55 participating teams. In total, we raised over $400,000, which were distributed among the top 34 winning projects.

The hackathon was title sponsored by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and hosted by DoraHacks, a global hackathon organizer. Fifty-five teams from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Eastern Europe submitted their project application for the hackathon and raised a total of 714,44 BNB in funding.

DoraHacks & BSC NFT&DeFi Hackathon in Russia officially ended on April 26, followed by a 4-day grace period for the anti-Sybil attack detection and vote analysis. During this grace period, HackerLink ran a close-source program to analyze all the votes to detect any Sybil attacks from the quadratic voting mechanism manipulating the results. The final matching pool distribution result was posted on April 30. The top 5 winning teams are xDAO, 1clickDAO, TERA NFT-HUB, Fragment.protocol, and ValueNetwork.

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Top 5 winning projects


xDAO is an innovative DeFi platform that allows the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) for the joint management of crypto assets. With xDAO, you can create your own DAO in a few clicks, pool funds of partners, and manage them for investment purposes according to the rules established beforehand.


1clickDAO is a DeFi Ecosystem managed by DAO-Interfaces, which provides a phenomenal combination of security, transparency, flexibility, and cost-efficiency to asset managers and their сlients.


TERA NFT-HUB is an anonymous and decentralized protocol for transferring coins and NFT tokens between different blockchains, such as Etherium, BSC, Tron, Polkadot, Cosmos, etc.


Fragment is a cross-chain NFT fractionalization protocol, solving NFT secondary market and price discovery problems. Fragment Protocol is a new project that is revolutionizing the NFT industry. The concept behind the project is fairly simple. Once you’ve bought or created an NFT on any chain, using Fragment, you can fractionalize ownership of it by minting a set of corresponding tokens on BSC. From there, the options are manifold. You can use the fraction tokens for trading, fundraising, lending, borrowing, staking, or any other business model applicable to the DeFi world. Our mission is to bring more users to the BSC NFT space, as we believe it is the best place to onboard new market players due to its low gas fees.


Value Network is a blockchain project which is focused on prediction markets. We are solving the conflict of interests between a user and a broker. The platform allows users to put bets against each other on smart contracts.

A few more teams worth mentioning

We want to thank all the team that participate and here’s a shoutout to those who didn’t manage to join the top winners, but provided a unique concept with potential.


The deBridge is aimed to remove the barriers of cross-chain liquidity transfers by building the decentralized bridges between blockchains and the infrastructure around them. The current solution supports transfers between Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH Kovan) blockchains.


XGallery is an NFT cross-chain platform based on optimistic rollup technology in the second layer (L2) for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that allows users to create, hold, transfer, sell or set on auction any type of NFT with a zero commission, as well as access to any other NFT market running EVM-based chain (ETH, Harmony, etc.).


Baskets.Finance is a DeFi protocol for creating and managing baskets of assets and indices on different blockchains (currently, the main focus is on ETH and BSC).


CryptoBrawl is an NFT Battleground. Users can connect wallets, choose NFT to fight with, and fight with other players. Matchmaking is automatic. All you have to do is fight, choosing one area you are defending (head, middle, legs) and one area you attack (head, middle, legs).

NIFTSY Protocol

NIFTSY protocol is a system of smart contracts on Ethereum and BSC networks that provides guaranteed NFT inner value and liquidity. The guaranteed inner value is a vault containing any crypto assets of Ethereum or BSC network for MVP.


BondAppétit, a DeFi protocol for business loans. BondAppétit provides an infrastructure that connects decentralized finance and traditional debt instruments with the participation of regulated securities and cryptocurrency brokers/dealers.

Tower of Legends

Tower of Legends is a convenient bridge for millions of players not familiar with blockchain technology to the world of cryptocurrency and NFT. Game assets represent value, and they must be tokenized and owned by the players.

Battle of Planets

An NFT card game with a native EDM token (Planetary Provision token) serving as the currency. A player’s goal is to destroy the enemy’s planet defenses.


Scotty Beam is a cross-chain NFT teleport between Ethereum, HECO, BSC, and other compatible and interoperable blockchains.

Neural Pepe

Neural Pepe is an NFT collectible project based on the Binance Smart Chain and the first project in the Neural Meme family.

Special thanks for the sponsorship and support from the following partners:

BitScale Capital, DEGO Finance, Cocos-BCX, BR Capital, Rarible, YBB Foundation.

This hackathon was greatly supported by many foundations, developer communities, and projects in Russia and Eastern Europe.

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