Query Binance Smart Chain Data on Dune Analytics

Query Binance Smart Chain Data on Dune Analytics

This is a community post written by the Dune Analytics team and published on Binance.org Blog.

We’re excited to announce that Dune analytics has integrated Binance Smart Chain data! This opens up our vibrant ecosystem of DeFi, NFTs, and Gaming for rich insights and analysis.

Dune analytics is at the forefront of crypto data analysis. Dune has been the go-to tool for surfacing data insights across crypto ecosystems for the past few years – with users building a vast range of impressive dashboards and rich visualizations.

Now, you can do the same for BSC! You can dive into dApps, transactions, and data on the platform through Dune’s interface using SQL queries and create beautiful dashboards that other users can enjoy, share, and fork to make their own creations.

We think that this will be a game-changer for investors, traders, and all users on the platform. Valuable alpha gets uncovered by Dune Wizards (creators) every day on the chains they support, and now that’s a reality for BSC-based projects.

On-chain data analytics is becoming a crucial part of crypto research. Traditionally though, you had to pay a significant amount for access.

Here’s the great news – Dune is completely free and open. You can sign up today and start running queries and building dashboards straight away, and you can also fork other users’ dashboards to make your own creations!

The only thing you need is some analytics and SQL knowledge. If you don’t have that, don’t worry, now is the perfect time to learn! Check out Dune’s tutorial docs, this YouTube tutorial series, and go hang out with their community on Discord!

We’re very excited to see what you’ll build and open up our ecosystem for some serious analysis by our big-brain community. Head over to Dune today!