High Street ( HIGH ) – A real life in virtual world

Recently, the concept of Play-to-Earn has been familiar to crypto investors, especially those who are passionate about NFT. With common games, you only have relaxing moments; but in the field of games on blockchain, users can make money from playing games. Highstreet is a project to help you play games and make money altogether. This article about will give you a lot of detailed information about Highstreet and HIGH, today’s STREET token, which includes:

• What is Highstreet? What are the highlights of the project’s operating mechanism?

• How can HIGH, STREET Tokens be earned?

• Who is the investor of the project?

• Some projects which are similar to Highstreet for you to evaluate the project’s development potential.

  • What is High Street?

Highstreet is defined as a platform for gaming, NFTs marketplace and Metaverse developed by using blockchain technology.

Highstreet operates on the Ethereum platform, inspired by the Shopify concept (a platform that allows anyone to open a shop and sell their products) on an MMORPG game – a form of role-playing game for many people interacting in a virtual world. The difference is that the business’ items come from real-world brands. In addition, players will be immersed in a “real” virtual world when using

Virtual Reality (VR) technology to enhance the gaming experience.

  • Highlights of Highstreet :


Highstreet can be played on all platforms such as PC, web browser, mobile phone and virtual reality (VR) devices.

Perfectly real-life simulating game

Players experience the Metaverse space in the most realistic way thanks to the wonderful application of virtual reality technology. You can completely undergo new lands created on your own through your imagination.

Additionally, players can buy and sell in-game NFTs made by real-life brands. Highstreet has a wide range of products from famous global brands such as Balenciaga, L’oreal, Hershey’s Chocolate or Madison Square Garden, etc.

Brands launch NFTs in the Highstreet in order to sell to the players who love their goods in the reality. The NFT Hybrid items are divided into the real-life version and the virtual reality one. Also, players are able to own a real-life version of the NFT Hybrid (e.g. a shirt or shoes) after trading in HighStreet. HighStreet provides a Marketplace for the players to exchange and trade NFT publicly.

Significantly, the players also trade real estate in the Highstreet or lease it for profit.

High liquidity

In order to reduce the risk of being difficult for buying and selling NFTs in the Marketplace, Highstreet has created the Street Smart Bonding Curves solution to help players buy and sell NFT items in the form of Tokens, at the closest price to the products’ actual value. Highstreet automatically adjusts prices based on demand for each product, which makes it easy for the players to buy and sell NFTs on the platform.

Highstreet Token Information (HIGH, STREET)

Source : HIGH STREET White paper (https://docsend.com/view/czjyuggsatn8hpj5)

Highstreet will include 2 main tokens: HIGH token and STREET token (Street Creds).

In addition, the total supply of HIGH tokens will be fixed, and STREET tokens will be customized depending on the percentage of participants and arising stuffs during the game’s operation.

Key Metrics HIGH :

HIGH Tokens are available in 2 blockchains, Ethereum and BSC with different contracts.

• Token Name: HIGH Token.

• Ticker: HIGH.

• Blockchain: Ethereum. (Note: There is also a HIGH Token version on Binance Smart Chain).

• Standard Token: ERC-20 (On BSC: BEP-20)

• Contract: (ETH) 0x71Ab77b7dbB4fa7e017BC15090b21632212020282.

(BSC): 0x5f4bde007dc06b867f86ebfe4802e34a1ffeed63.

• Token Type: Governance, Utility.

• Total Supply: 100,000,000 HIGH on Ethereum blockchain. (On BSC: 2,014,744 HIGH).

• Circulating Supply: Updating…

Key Metrics STREET

• Token Name: STREET token (Street Creds).

• Ticker: STREET.

• Blockchain: Updating…

• Token Standard: Updating…

• Contract: Updating…

• Token Type: Utility.

• Total Supply: + ∞ STREET (inflation rate will increase as the number of players increases).

• Circulating Supply: Updating…

Token Allocation

A total of 100,000,000 HIGH Tokens will be distributed as follows:

• Treasury and Community/Marketing: 57.5%.

• Investors: 30%.

• Team: 10%.

• Public Sale: 1.5%.

• Equity/Airdrop: 1%.

Token Sale

HIGH token will be open to sell IDO on Polkastarter, with the details as follows:

• IDO opening date: 07/10/2021.

• Ticker: $HIGH.

• Opening price per token: $1.

• Total $HIGH raise: $500,000.

• Maximum allocation per person: $400.

• Time to join the whitelist: September 24 – October 2, 2021.

Moreover, Highstreet is also sold at Impossible Finance. You will lock IDIA from September 27 to October 13 to receive Allocation. The amount of HIGH purchased will be paid by 50% at 11 pm on October 14, and the remaining 50% will be paid at 11 pm on January 14, 2022 (Vietnamese time).

Token Use Case

HIGH token will have the following use case tokens:

• Governance: HIGH holders (ie. you will become a residence living there) will have the right to join in voting for the facilities, services and utilities that you want to have on the island. (islands).

• Purchasing products: HIGH tokens will be considered as a means of payment for services such as buying limited edition items on Highstreet’s NFT marketplace, buying plots of land in the Highstreet game world (when you buy land, you will become that land’s owner and the people living on that area will have to pay you taxes with HIGH tokens).

• Staking: Users utilize staking HIGH on the project’s liquidity pool will receive commissions from transactions, or stakes for the right to sell items in the game world.

Holders of STREET tokens (Street Creds) will have the tokens use case as below:

• Facilitate Commerce: After you enter the continent of Solera, Street Creds will be the main trading currency to buy items from NPC Fomo Duck representing brands through transactions made by the players.

• In-game Entertainment: Street Creds can be used to bet what the next song in Highstreet clubs will be or bet in the Casino.

  • How to earn and own HIGH, STREET Token

To own HIGH tokens, you can:

• Swap between HIGH and STREET credits.

• Buy HIGH tokens directly from Coin98 Exchange transactions (select Uniswap with ETH contracts, choose PancakeSwap with BSC contracts of HIGH Tokens).

To own STREET tokens, you can earn Street Creds by completing in-game tasks such as fighting monsters or daily quests. New players who complete the basic quest will have enough Street Creds to enter the continent of Solera.

Source : HIGH STREET White paper (https://docsend.com/view/czjyuggsatn8hpj5)

Roadmaps & Updates



Updates – updates about the project

Quarter 3/2021: Highstreet raised 5 million dollars from funds for the project’s recent fundraising round.

Project organizing team, investors & partners

Project team

The project organizing team led by Travis Wu has worked together for 6 years at LumiereVR company. A VR Vision Technology company has helped real estate businesses turn undervalued properties into an interesting experience blending both the reality and the virtuality.

The team has won the title of Studio arm which is known as an award-winning film festival specializing in art and technology organized by Sundance Festival. Moreover, the co-founder of the project has won the prestigious Emmy award for a play.

Individually, this is a cohesive team that has undergone many projects and has lots of experiences in the field of virtual reality technology, building very well supportive images for gaming. Significantly, NFTs use the project’s virtual reality technology.

  • Investors:


As we all know, Facebook has changed its name to Meta and officially entered the market by investing 1 billion dollars in the Metaverse segment. This change directly affects both the crypto market generally and the HIGH token particularly, as this kind of coin has grown more than 400% after 3 weeks launching. We will evaluate the project by several criteria that may be important and necessary to consider investment decisions. Please keep in mind that I will clarify these criteria from the viewpoint of a long-term investor. If you guys are scalpers who only care about the coin’s price on the exchange, this article may not be suitable for you.


1. Reasonable and realistic level of the project:

If there is a problem somewhere, other people will have it, so there will be always some a solution for it. When a reasonable solution appears, there are people willing to pay for it. Highstreet brings a virtual space, trying to make it transparent and as close to reality as possible. This makes us believe that fantastic worlds like those in sci-fi movies are possibly realistic.

2. Personnel and the development team’s qualifications:

“A good idea becomes useless in the wrong hands.” Thus, when evaluating a potential project, we need to pay attention to the development team of that project. Having a 6-year-experienced team which has won some notable awards can be an excellent point for future development.

3. The “boast” of the project:

Boasting about profits or promising huge interest rates are typical signs of a project which has many irregularities and high risk of fraud. By this phase, I do not mean that the project team should not set an impressive goal to introduce; but when every promise makes us believe that it is true, we may think about investing immediately. It is time to stop believing and begin to investigate. Up to now, Highstreet has not had any unusual signs of fraud.

4. Website and whitepaper:

In general, Highstreet are very scrupulous in its image and the whitepaper. The content is detailed, clear, informative and easy to understand.

5. Community

A supportive community plays a significant role in the development of a cryptocurrency project. The larger the community is, the higher the success probability gets.

Because Highstreet is a newly form platform, its community is quite small in the number of followers, and hashtags about the project are not popular.

6. Investor:
If a cryptocurrency project has large and reputable investors investing, the success’ probability is great. This is also one of the prerequisites for small investors like us to consider. Currently, Highstreet is attracting capital flows from a number of large funds such as Binance Lab, Avalanche, Huobi Ventures, etc., which can ensure the project’s reputation and success.


In summary, if you are a fan of shopping, NFT and Metaverse games, you should not miss this game. The game is still in process, but people can experience the Metaverse world through the Alpha version right before deciding to invest in this project. However, what Highstreet can eventually do is not clear at all. Being invested by big companies does not mean that the project can succeed. If you decide to invest in this one, you must balance your account and put it in one of the venture capital categories. Remember to do research carefully before invest money.