New Projects on BNB Chain (30th March – 5th April)

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Each week, BNB Chain onboards new projects across the landscape of DeFi, SocialFi, Web3 gaming, and beyond. 🔥

Take a look at the table below for descriptions of each, and make sure to follow any projects that capture your interest. Check back every week for updates on the latest members of the BNB Chain fam! Let’s keep building Web3 together.

New Projects on BNB Chain (30th March – 5th April)

Alaya AIAIA distributed AI data platform for integrated Data Collection and Labeling.

ALAYA AI connects communities, data, and AI through Social Commerce, providing the AI industry with high quality scalable data and full protection of its ownership and privacy.
Arcas ChampionsGamingArcas Champions is a competitive objective based third-person ability shooter with an emphasis on teamwork and synergies. The game is based on planet Arcas, a jungle-rich world torn apart in a guerilla-like civil war between ape factions: the Village Elites and the Renegades.
MegalinkGamingMegaLink (MG8) is an innovative Web3 platform that serves as an onboarding gateway for AAA games developed on the Unreal Engine.
Micro3 Cyberpunk: Pacifica Prime CityGamingAt the heart of Micro3’s strategy is creating an NFT platform, empowering users to craft and possess unique NFTs on any integrated blockchain within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

We are also dedicated to fostering a vibrant SocialFi platform that empowers developers and Web3 projects. We harness verified digital data to enhance their products and fortify BNB Chain communities.