New Projects on BNB Chain (17th August – 30th August)

Newest Projects on BNB Chain (17th August - 30th August)

Every week, BNB Chain welcomes a multitude of novel projects spanning the realms of DeFi, SocialFi, Web3 gaming, and more, igniting the Web3 landscape with innovation 🔥

Newest Projects on BNB Chain (17th August – 30th August)

Discover detailed insights about each project in this blog update, and be sure to track the progress of those that resonate with your curiosity. Return regularly to stay informed about the newest additions to the ever-growing BNB Chain community! Together, let’s continue our collective efforts in shaping the Web3 future.

Twitter Account Category DescriptionValue Brought to BNB Chain
Solace ProtocolInfrastructureSolace SDK enables wallet-level access control & sessions to make Web3 usable for everyoneFastest way to enable sessions and access control leveraging account abstraction and permissionless MPC protocols.
NuLinkInfrastructureA web3 wallet featured with unique end-to-end file encryption and key management functionalities.NuLink offers end-to-end data encryption and sharing services within the BNB Chain ecosystem, bolstering its privacy-preserving capabilities. The cryptographic services provided are applicable across a wide range of projects within the ecosystem, including SocialFi, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Cross-chain, DID, De-storage, Oracle, AI, Social media, and others.
AnomeGameFiFully on-chain gaming platform with user generated contentUser generated content game platform, they have hackathon and big communityRoblox on chain basically, or Minecraft if you may
Diamond ProtocolDeFiStratify V3 LP Positions into categories of products with different risk/return profiles.Uniswap V3 AMM has become the mainstream AMM forked by major DEXes like Pancakeswap. Providing Liquidity on V3 has become a difficult task for retail investors because of the newly introduced Impermanent Loss concept. Diamond Protocol stratifies the V3 LP positions into a no-market risk fixed return product that bears no IL risk and a higher risk & higher yield leveraged product that bears the IL risks. All assets are deployed on-chain, with zero custodial of assets. We believe we can be a great asset to BNB users who wish to invest as a LP on major DEXes.
AltitudeDeFiAltitude is a composable, omnichain Blue-chip asset bridge built in LayerZeroAltitude’s bridge provides BNBchain users with a secure, cheap and fast manner to transfer blue-chip assets to and from BNB Chain without losing value by translating between chains using stablecoin. It gives them a safe opportunity to branch out to other chains and return increased assets, thus increasing the volume on BNB Chain. Altitude also allows for new users to flow into the BNB Chain ecosystem with ease and at low cost.
Mind NetworkInfrastructureA decentralized network of data protection, supporting zero trust encryption and privacy computing
Enhanced Security: MindLake’s end-to-end encryption ensures that data stored in Greenfield remains private and secure, even if there is a data breach or unauthorized access.Data Integrity: MindLake’s encryption capabilities can help Greenfield maintain the integrity of the data it stores. This means that not only is the data secure, but it’s also less susceptible to corruption or tampering.Data Monetization: With the assurance of strong data privacy, the users of Greenfield may explore new opportunities to monetize data, such as data analytics or insights, in a privacy-compliant way.
Zypher GamesGameFiA fully on-chain game studio using ZKP & AI to enhance the gaming experience and ensure fairness.
Zypher Games helps games in the opBNB Chain ecosystem expand their game capabilities using ZKP and AI. Due to the full on-chain nature, the network will be utilized a lot more than traditional GameFi. Meanwhile, users play to earn tokens, NFT, and happiness, in the 100% fair and fun casual games built by Zypher Games running on the opBNB Chain ecosystem.