New Projects on BNB Chain (11th August – 18th August)

Newest Projects on BNB Chain (11th August - 18th August)

Every week, BNB Chain welcomes a multitude of novel projects spanning the realms of DeFi, SocialFi, Web3 gaming, and more, igniting the Web3 landscape with innovation 🔥.

Discover detailed insights about each project in this blog update, and be sure to track the progress of those that resonate with your curiosity. Return regularly to stay informed about the newest additions to the ever-growing BNB Chain community! Together, let’s continue our collective efforts in shaping the Web3 future.

Newest Projects on BNB Chain (11th August – 18th August)

Twitter Account Category DescriptionValue Brought to BNB Chain
Meta Pro: Degen YoukiGamingDegen Youki is a captivating platformer. Your objective: gather diamonds and get the highest score on the global leaderboard.This captivating game title, powered by BNBChain unites web3 gamers in a global tournament. Compete with other players during the Gaming Leagues, stay on top of the leaderboard and win prizes and assets!
USDEFIDeFiAn Autonomous Stablecoin Network designed for DeFi powered by BNBUSDEFI is a new decentralized stablecoin and fork of Liquidity designed for BNB. Users can enjoy a decentralized stablecoin product independent of fiat In addition, helps address an underserved stablecoin category 
WonderverseGamingWonderverse is a discord-native quest bot that gamifies on-chain activities.It helps other projects gamify on chain activities, promoting transaction and gaming growth.
DogeWalkSocialDogeWalk aims to bring web3 mass adoption Web3 through the lens of the fast growing pets industry.DogeWalk is a Web3 social app designed for dog lovers. It rewards users when they walk, play and share moments with their fur friends. 
CieloDeFiCielo is the ultimate wallet tracker and web3 activity feed.Cielo is a human-readable information layer for web3. It allows anyone to create a real-time feed of onchain activity and filter it by transaction type, chain, and size. Transactions can be viewed within the Cielo web app, or using the Cielo bot in Discord or Telegram. Cielo is currently live on opBNB and BNB chains. Catch all DeFi and NFT activity across the BNB ecosystem. Join 40,000+ users and track up to 250 wallets for free.
LumishareDeFiTokenizing and fractionalizing real-world assets, starting with renewable energy, powered by $LUMI.LumiShare allows tokenization and fractionalization of real-world assets, focusing on renewable energy and democratizing investment. $LUMI is backed by gold, cash, and stabilization tech. BNB users can invest in NFTs representing renewable energy projects for potential monthly yield. Real-time data from solar panels aids in informed decision-making, enabling easier investment in the renewable energy market for BNB Chain users.