BSC SEA Hackathon Recap: Meet the Winners

BSC SEA Hackathon Recap: Meet the Winners

IMPORTANT: Some of the following projects may haven’t completed security audits yet. The following content does not constitute an endorsement or approval of any of the products or services of the project, organization, or individual. Not to be seen as investment advice.

Binance Smart Chain and DoraHacks SEA Hackathon for projects building on the BSC ecosystem is over, and here’s a quick recap. In total, we raised over $27,000 which were distributed among the top 5 winning projects.

The hackathon was title sponsored by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and hosted by DoraHacks, a global hackathon organizer. 31 teams from Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan submitted their project application for the hackathon and raised a total of $27,394 in funding.

DoraHacks & BSC Blockchain Hackathon in Southeast Asia officially ended on May 30, followed by a 5-day grace period for the anti-sybil attack detection and vote analysis. During this grace period, HackerLink ran a close-source program to analyze all the votes to detect if there are any Sybil attacks from the quadratic voting mechanism manipulating the results. The final matching pool distribution result was posted on June 5. The top 5 winning teams are XCarnival, Bami Defi, Spherium Finance, Project ARK, and Sota Platform.

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Top 5 winning projects


A New Generation Synthetic Assets Aggregator for everyone, founded by a group of experts in the DeFi and blockchain space from Australia, the United States, and China. The CEO is a serial entrepreneur, an expert in DeFi, and a well-respected influencer in the blockchain space.

Bami Defi

Bami DeFi is developed by a team from Vietnam. It is designed to be a decentralized financial city that uses BAMI (Bami Token) for trading, exchanges, and investments. Their existing products are Bami Dashboard, Bami Exchange, Bami Lend, Bami Portfolio, Bami Pay, and NFT. The team is from Vietnam.

Spherium Finance (India)

Spherium Finance is developed by a team of over 20 members from India. It is  a mobile-first, cross-chain wallet that optimizes the returns on crypto-assets while minimizing the risks involved within the transactions. Projects listed on the Spherium Platform will get a bridge to transfer their assets across different blockchain networks. The team of over 20 members is from India.

Project ARK

Project Ark is the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace for rare digital collectibles which directly fund animal and environmental conservation efforts around the world. It connects passionate artists with purpose-driven buyers to support international NGOs, WWF, and other local communities. Project Ark’s team members are from Hong Kong, China, the United States, Europe, and India.

Sota Platform (Vietnam)

SOTA Platform is developed by a team from Vietnam. It is a multi-chain NFT trading platform for users to create, sell and buy digital content in the form of NFT. The team is from Vietnam.

A few more teams…


Wooracle is a multi-source tradeable oracle that combines decentralized technologies with off-chain market-making strategies. The project is incubated by Kronos Research. The founders have working experience in international investment banks and quantitative trading institutions.


With a focus on entertainment, sports, and other industries, Uptick Network provides a comprehensive NFT asset management framework, a layer 2 NFT Uptick protocol, metadata standards, and easy-to-use dApp development tools.

Deri Protocol

Deri Protocol is designed with all the defining features of DeFi and financial derivatives in its nature. Their core members are experienced derivative and quantitative traders from Wall Street.


Hashtagger combines web3.0 and social media to reward users for spreading awareness of their favorite cryptocurrencies. This project is developed by a global team from marketing, programming, and blockchain backgrounds. Saiba, the founder, was a marketing manager at Zilliqa, Singapore, and also a graduate of IIT and Oxford.

Evolution Land

Evolution Land is a virtual simulation blockchain game that supports cross-chain interactions. The team behind Evolution Land is Itering, a blockchain technology company, established in Singapore in, 2018 which focuses on the research and development of blockchain infrastructures, especially on cross-chain technology.

NFT Viewer

NFT viewer is an NFT asset management platform that aggregates multiple NFT trading markets. The founder Kenneth Wu is also the founder of Blockchain&Dapps and Formosart

TrustFi Network

TrustFi Network is a decentralized BaaS solution for the multi-chain DeFi market, developed by a team from Singapore, India, Australia, and China. Their portfolio includes IDO General Protocol, Decentralized Staking Contract, NFT Mint Contract, and Providing Liquidity Mining model (“PLM”).


Pentas is a multi-chain decentralized marketplace for NFT established by a group of passionate Malaysian developers. The team leader, Irsyad, is a technology and innovation enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience in Windows and Linux software development,  Internet of Things (IoT), and web applications.


ContractClassroom is an exploratory platform for beginners who are looking to learn the inner workings of smart contracts and thus advance their skills in smart contract development. This decentralized platform is developed by a group of enthusiastic developers from a blockchain student club in NTU Singapore.

Special thanks for to all the partners!

Thanks to Bifrost, DeBank, dForce, ETCLabs, Loopring, OKExChain, AngelONE, Solana, Konomi, Collinstar, Coinbene, YBB, SevenX for sponsoring and supporting this event.

This hackathon was greatly supported by many developer communities, projects, and ventures in Southeast Asia. We want to express our gratitude towards Blockchain&Dapps, Ethereum Singapore, Blockchain @NTU, Polkadot Singapore, Taiwan Blockchain Academia,  NUS Fintech Society, Paulus from Clovers Ventures, NGC, Signum Capital, LongHash Ventures,  Pendle, CMS and IOSG for their help and participation.

DoraHacks, BSC and representatives from the communities and ventures mentioned above have discussed the current open source blockchain developments in different regions and how we could collaborate, organize,  inspire and encourage the open source developers to foster the development of the whole blockchain ecosystem . You can watch the recorded video on DoraHacks Youtube channel.

DoraHacks Global Hackathon series is going on to host the US Crypto Summer Hackathon (online) via Hackerlink. We hope the GHS can help more open source developers to enrich their ideas and projects, and build valuable blockchain products that will benefit more users.

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