Join Us at the BNB Chain Hackathon Istanbul!

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Are you ready to dive into the world of blockchain and decentralized applications? We invite you to participate in the BNB Chain Hackathon, Istanbul, taking place from November 10th to November 12th, 2023. This three-day event promises to be an exciting opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities of blockchain technology.

Event Details:

  • Date: November 10-12, 2023 (3 Days)
  • Location: ESA Espor Arena, Maslak, 42 Maslak AVM, Ahi Evran Cd. No:6/70 Kat:3, 34485 Sarıyer/İstanbul, Türkiye
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About the Hackathon

For this hackathon, we’re thrilled to introduce you to opBNB and Greenfield, two cutting-edge blockchain platforms that offer endless possibilities for developers and entrepreneurs.

BNB Greenfield provides decentralized storage infrastructure within the broader BNB Chain ecosystem. The idea is to help users and dApps to create, store, and exchange data with full ownership, and form a new data economy.

The opBNB network is the Layer 2 scaling solution for the BNB Smart Chain, powered by the bedrock version of Optimism OP Stack. It allows users to deposit and withdraw funds, use smart contracts, and view network data with high throughput and low fees, all while scaling beyond the constraints of the BNB Smart Chain.

Hackathon Requirements

We encourage you to develop in line with our Wishlist, which includes exciting tracks in both Greenfield and opBNB. Each track offers exciting challenges and opportunities for innovation. You can view the details list at the bottom of this announcement. 

Key Dates


We’re offering fantastic rewards for your hard work and innovation:

  • 1st Prize: $15k
  • 2nd Prize: $10k
  • 3rd Prize: $5k
  • Common Prize Pool: $30,000, where all qualified submitters will share the prize pool.

Get ready for incredible rewards that match your hard work and innovation!

The Rules of the Competition

Please read and follow the competition rules to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants. These rules cover eligibility, participation requests, and conduct during the event.

Submission Requirements

  • Work must be deployed on or connected to GF/opBNB in some way.
  • Work that is open source and free for others to use.
  • Shared artifacts (GitHub, planning documents, and a short video).
  • Ensure the contract address has at least 2 successful transactions within the hackathon timeframe.
  • Tweet describing your project and tag #buildonBNBChain
  • For this hackathon, the project must be a new development in order to ensure equal opportunity

Please note that you do not need to pitch your idea to us. All we need is your submission.

Projects will be evaluated based on 1) functional prototype highlighting a solution, 2) creativity, 3) readiness of the dApp and 4) usability. 

The Spirit of the Competition

Remember, hackathons are about learning, collaborating, and having fun. While some aim to win, most are here to explore new ideas. Keep the hacker spirit alive by working with other teams, mentoring newcomers, and enjoying yourself.

Join us in Istanbul for the BNB Chain Hackathon Istanbul, where innovation knows no bounds, and the future of blockchain technology is in your hands. Together, let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible and shape the future of finance and data management.

For more details, view the full rules of the competition at the bottom of this article. 

Register now and see you at the hackathon!

BNB Chain Wishlist

New Data Economy on Greenfield Infrastructure Tracks

  • Infrastructure Tracks
Data Availability Layer on GreenfieldCreate a layer on BNB Greenfield to store historical data from L1s, including dead or dormant content. This will reduce latency and improve data accessibility.– Decrease L1 latency

– Enhance data accessibility

– Provide cost-effective storage for L2-Rollup transaction data
NFT Minting and Issuing ToolingDevelop a storage service/API similar to NFT. Storage that allows easy upload of off-chain NFT data to Greenfield’s decentralized storage network.– Easy upload of NFT metadata, images, and other assets

– Perpetual storage in Greenfield

– Mirror NFTs in BSC in ERC721 or ERC1155 formats
  • Dapp Tracks
Publishing PlatformEnable authors to store their work on BNB Greenfield and sync it with BNB Smart Chain for sales. Address the current lack of anti-piracy measures.– Secure storage of written data

– Seamless sales through BNB Smart Chain

– Implement anti-piracy measures
Personal Data MarketplaceCreate a marketplace for personal data where users maintain ownership and control access, possibly for a fee.– Encrypted personal data storage

– User-controlled data access
Decentralized AI TrainingUtilize BNB Greenfield for decentralized machine learning and AI training.– Enable decentralized AI models

– Secure and efficient data storage for training
Trustless NotaryDevelop a trustless notary system using smart contracts to establish social trust and discourage malicious activities.– Transparent auction process

– Slashing mechanism to discourage malicious actors

– Compensation models for notary maintainers
Blockchain of Things (BoT)Create an end-to-end system that connects IoT devices to a queue pipeline for smooth data transfer and storage on BNB Greenfield.– Seamless IoT data collection and storage

– Enhanced security through decentralization
Knowledge Sharing Platform (UGC)Create a “pay for knowledge” platform that rivals Twitter and Utilize Greenfield for storing text, audio, and video, and integrate with BSC’s smart contract for flexible payments.– Customizable user profiles

– Subscription-based private channels

– Direct donations to content creators
Publishing/Distribution for Novel WritersUtilize Greenfield’s open IP infrastructure to enable easy tracking, licensing, and remixing of content, particularly for novel writers.– Open IP infrastructure

– Innovative content development

– New financial opportunities for IP
Decentralized AI Training – AI LabelingUse Greenfield to consolidate human contributions for creating AI datasets. Integrate rewards in smart contracts.– Efficient access control

– Programmable payments via BSC

– Large, diverse user base for labeling
Data-Driven API and ServicesCreate APIs and services based on the data provided by developers, similar to platforms like RapidAPI.– Efficient API creation

– Data-driven services

– Developer-friendly environment
Content StreamingDevelop a platform similar to a paid YouTube channel for various types of content streaming.– Pay-per-view model

– Social impact through fellowship integration

– Support for both large and small creators
Data Availability for L2 DataStore all off-chain data on Greenfield, especially for Layer 2 solutions.– Efficient data storage

– Cost reduction for individual projects

– Initial applicability to opBNB

Mass Adoption Infra, Tooling, and Dapp on BNBChain

  • Infrastructure Tracks on opbnb
Multi-Sig Wallet SupportOnboard Multi-Sig wallet solution  like Gnosis Safe to the opBNB and BNB L2– Higher security of wallet service

– Wallet as service to support dApps to use Multi-Sig wallet
Privacy protection transaction supportA built-in capability to support the privacy transactions for organizations who are concerned by the transaction privacy – Private Transaction

– Organizational users support

– Call for proposal
Client decentralizationSupport multiple clients besides the op-node/op-geth such as reth, erigon.– Ecosystem support

– More reliable network connection

– Higher security 
Layer 2 interoperabilitySupport cross L2 communication within BNB L2 ecosystem– Asset transfer among L2s of BSC

– Composability 
  • Infrastructure Tracks on BNB Smart Chain
Fast node sync Allow new nodes to fast/instant sync with the opBNB network– Decentralization enhancements

– Network reliability optimization
Transparent and User Protect MEV solutionSetup the public MEV interface standard on BSC that the ecosystem would be willing to accept. – Public MEV interface

– Protect users from being MEV victim

– MEV standard on the BSC ecosystem
Consensus enhancement to encourage fair play of validatorsDelayed block production may cause more chain reorganization. A new consensus enhancement should be introduced to prevent late block production and encourage stabilization of the blocks.– Stablization of blocks

– Fairness of validators
Stateless on BSCDefine the solution of BSC stateless to overcome the middle-term storage grow pressure. – BSC full node can handle storage growth for another 5 years

– Compatible with Ethereum stateless solution 
Long term archive supportHave a incentive to maintain the archive node of opBNB and corresponding solution– Data availability improvement 

– Node decentralization 

– Incentives for node provider improvement
  • Dapp Tracks on  opBNB
Playable  on-chain gamesWith the high tps and low gas fee , opBNB welcomes any interesting experiment in on-chain games to utilize decentralized assets, permissionless extension and composability brought by blockchain in game.– Build the next -generation crypto game

– Abundant playable and valuable in-game assets

– User friendly experience

– Good on-chain metrics
Decentralized Social NetworkCrypto native social network like messaging/ live streaming/ content sharing platform that runs smart contract/social assets/product function on opBNB and stores social data on Greenfield. It eliminates middleman and provides better monetization framework for content creator and users– New type of decentralized social network with Innovative monetization framework and large group of users.

– Help to connect more people in fun and engaging way

– Good on-chain metrics
Perp dexBuild perp dex with lower entry barrier,higher transaction speed and more supported assets on opBNB– Native perp dex with high speed and low gas fee

– Offer opBNB assets a place to get leveraged.
Stablecoin paymentAny stablecoin projects/wallets/ online or offline consumption scenarios that utilize opBNB as the payment and settlement layer– Easy to use and open to all

– High efficiency and low cost for payment especially cross-border payment

Competition Rules – Further details

1. Eligibility:

Team Size:Teams may have a maximum of 5 hackers.

2. Participants Requests:

 Hackers who have been accepted to compete on a team must not be event staff, volunteers, mentors, judges, sponsors, or anyone else with special access to the competition.

Participants, including organizers, volunteers, and sponsors, are available to offer teams guidance and assistance.

4.The hackathon is the only place where work can be done on a project.

5. Groups are allowed to implement a strategy they developed in advance of the competition.

6. Teams have the option of focusing on already completed ideas. There is no requirement for “innovation” in hacks. Anyone is welcome to contribute to a shared idea, and their work will be evaluated based on how well it is “hacked.” (It’s unusual to come across something wholly novel these days, and teams often aren’t aware if they’re recycling a concept.)

7. Groups are free to include third-party resources, such as code repositories, into their work. It is against the spirit of the guidelines to work on a project ahead of time and open-source it with the sole intention of using the code during the event.

8. It is acceptable to include additional functionality into ongoing projects. Winners will be determined solely based on the value of any new features or functionalities introduced during the hackathon.

9. When the clock runs out, teams must cease their hacking activities. After the allotted time has passed, however, teams are free to debug and make minor adjustments to their applications. e.g. It’s acceptable to fix a bug that prevents you from demonstrating your hack if doing so involves adding only a few lines of code. You are not permitted to make any major alterations or introduce any new functionality.

10. Teams can be disqualified from the competition at the organizers’ discretion. Reasons might include but are not limited to breaking the Competition Rules, breaking the Code of Conduct, or other unsporting behaviour.

Submission Requirements

When the hackathon is over, the teams will upload their finished products to Github for evaluation.

1Participant/Team Name
2Project Name
3Brief description of your project (One Paragraph – 500 Words)
4Country / Region
5Technical Solution your dApp is based on?
6Which track best describes your dApp?
7Your project’s GitHub Repository URL
8Presentation Deck
9Deployed Smart Contract Address
10Deployed to Any other Chain Yes/No
11Participated in any previous hackathon with the same idea

Judges will review all submissions and winners will be announced on Sunday 12th November  

Teams can choose to participate in as many relevant sponsor categories as they like.