AvengerDAO August 16th Weekly Report

AvengerDAO August 15th Weekly Report

Disclaimer: The information provided through the BNB Chain community does not constitute advice or recommendation for investment or trading. Projects are listed in no particular order below. BNB Chain does not take responsibility for any of your investment decisions. Please seek professional advice before taking financial risks.


AvengerDAO is a community-driven initiative created to protect the users and projects on BNB Chain from malicious actors and activity. AvengerDAO publishes a list of risk projects and addresses on  DappBay Red Alarm every Friday. By actively identifying and flagging such items through DappBay’s Red Alarm,  AvengerDAO can help users identify high-risk BNB Chain dApps with the level of risk, the risk description, and other important risk details. Web3 users can safely navigate BNB Chain dApps while staying safe.

Security Incidents

HashDit is an industry-leading blockchain security company that focuses on building a safe ecosystem for both protocol users and smart contract developers on BNB Chain. HashDit is member of AvengerDAO. HashDit’s analysis shows that there were 2 security incidents that happened in the week of August 14th, both of which were rugpulls.

Protocol NameAttack VectorLoss
X.AI tokenRugpull$12k
DogeCoin XRugpull$84.2

Lessons Learned

Here are some tips to spot Rugpull projects:

  • Rugpull projects attract liquidity by creating hype and traffic, usually jumping on the latest trends such as the recent Twitter name change to X, sparking a trend of meme coins with X in the token name.
  • Another sign is that the liquidity is usually unlocked (i.e the LP tokens are held by an EOA wallet), and the malicious project party can easily remove liquidity at will to rug pull its investors.

Don’t dive in blindly! Using DappBay’s Risk Scanner https://dappbay.bnbchain.org/risk-scanner, one can check if there are such risks. HashDit is also emphasizing the importance of “How to identify the rug-pulls?”

Red Alarm Weekly Highlights

AvengerDAO publishes a list of risk projects and addresses on DappBay Red Alarm every Friday.  If you have questions or feedback for below risk highlights, please contact here.  

Newly Detected High-Risk dApp Projects

CategoryDescriptionSpotted Project This Week
Ponzi or potential Ponzi dAppsPonzi schemes lure investors with the false promise of extremely high returns.TRIPZolttanGlutech
Phishing dAppsPhishing usually forges legitimate web pages to trick you into entering your private keys or authorizing transactions that you don’t understand. Lovely InuStakeWiseLearnWeb3Distribution PYUSDEcoland

Newly Detected High-Risk Address

AvengerDAO members offer APIs to  check the security of a contract to be interacted with or get relevant information such as potential risks of a specific address to perform due diligence. AvengerDAO API gives a comprehensive evaluation of each address. We advise you to regularly check with these APIs when receiving an airdrop for a certain token, or interacting with the contracts that they want to invest in.  https://dappbay.bnbchain.org/risk-scanner is integrated with these APIs. Please have a try!

The latest high-risk addresses detected from Weekly Scan.

No.BSCScan Link WAU
1https://bscscan.com/address/0xc198c3b7b970cbac315614cf27a1b7eb332048d6 158465
2https://bscscan.com/address/0xffe811714ab35360b67ee195ace7c10d93f89d8c 120410
3https://bscscan.com/address/0x2eeff21c71ae38f9c34496cd9250c0d186dcd988 74723
4https://bscscan.com/address/0xd2ccc9ee7ea2ccd154c727a46d475dda49e99852 66049
5https://bscscan.com/address/0x98f39d0f8c67885071cc99c5af1d4cacbcc89b0c 58383
6https://bscscan.com/address/0x45c36b3ee5f6c9b4b494515b21a59b8b78336536 49995
7https://bscscan.com/address/0x4d1e90ab966ae26c778b2f9f365aa40abb13f53c 36375
8https://bscscan.com/address/0x7d052ea1d52cc92f932f89236abfad64d544795a 31979
9https://bscscan.com/address/0x75ca521892de7f2ecfb070cab545c250d0ceb7e3 24894
10https://bscscan.com/address/0xfdc9018af0e37abf89233554c937eb5068127080 21713
11https://bscscan.com/address/0x4cb680a2589d742c30556e359a352f9c511eef54 17646

All the addresses are listed here.

Latest Risk Remediation – TVL >1M$ and TVL >500K$ Projects

AvengerDAO is actively scanning high TVL projects and. This week, 4 TVL >1M$ projects are identified with potential risks and 1 have been resolved. No TVL>500K$ projects are identified with potential risks. Most of the issues are due to EOA wallet setup. We recommend projects to study the Web3 Risk Framework to learn more about best practices.

Stay Safe – DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

BNBChain community has published detailed guides for crypto users to identify scam projects. Here are some tips:

  • Do not rely solely on social media channels and forums for information. You should search a new project on Red Alarm before interacting.
  • A thorough DYOR process includes studying the project’s whitepaper, checking its codebase, engaging with its community, and assessing its market potential.
  • Use reliable tools and sources to aid your research, such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Etherscan, reputable news outlets, project websites and blogs, and academic articles.
  • Protecting your investment from scammers is as important as identifying the next lucrative crypto project. Always err on the side of caution when in doubt.

About AvengerDAO is a community driven initiative that protects users from possible exploits, scams and malicious actors on BNB Chain. The founding members of AvengerDAO started this because BNB Chain is the largest public chain today, and the larger the community, the greater the responsibility. Our goal is to protect users from financial losses and malicious contracts. Deter malicious actors and notify BNB Chain’s users. We aim to enhance further adoption by setting an industry standard for safe practices and raise awareness on safety and security in the ecosystem.