Introducing Binance Smart Chain Martian Program

Introducing Binance Smart Chain Martian Program

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has grown tremendously in the last few months to an ecosystem of over 670 decentralized applications and millions of users, all supporting the thriving community that runs its blockchain.

Today, we’re glad to announce that BSC has launched its Martian Program to present career-driven opportunities to the enthusiasts of this emerging space. Together we’re looking forward to building a community-driven, decentralized ecosystem for dApps and protocols built on high-speed and low-cost transactions infrastructure.

If you believe in the financial revolution started by Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and if you believe in the “internet of values” vision through BSC, here’s your chance to accelerate this revolution. Support Binance Smart Chain beyond the internet and participate in nurturing the next-gen financial infrastructures made of  DeFi, NFT, Gaming, Metaverse, Social Tokens, and so much more. Contribute to take #BSCToTheMars!

What is the “Martian Program”?

The future of technology is open-source. With decentralized applications taking over centralized ones, the fastest way to build new and robust products is through building on top of what is already established; by replacing legacy technologies with decentralized and innovative projects.
BSC is a community-driven and decentralized blockchain that requires active participation from its community members to unlock its potential for Web 3.0.

BSC’s Martian Program is an initiative towards developing the ecosystem by presenting career opportunities for its members to help the core visions of the chain.

Who can apply?

With BSC’s global growth, more regions are participating in its ecosystem. We’re observing projects from all over the world. Regions like Russia, Turkey, Romania, Brazil,  Taiwan, India and many others worldwide are outgrowing others in the BSC DeFi space and want to boost this growth. If you’re looking for an opportunity to enter the cryptospace, here’s your chance to shine.

We’re also calling out for people who are genuinely interested in the crypto space and would love to become a part of the growing BSC ecosystem. We welcome fresh graduates, community managers from traditional markets, techies, marketers, and anyone with a passion for blockchain.

?Apply for BSC’s Community Builder Program?

We’re also looking to build a BSC Martian Ambassador pool for micro-influencers and key opinion leaders. If you fall into that bucket, please fill up this form instead.

Benefits of the Program

BSC helps developers combat the limitations inherent to blockchain systems, such as high transaction costs and slow settlement times with super-speed and low costs. The basic vision of why BSC started was to help the ecosystems grow despite blockchain’s conventional problems that come with its decentralization.

Since BSC’s launch, thousands of such developers have built on the platform, and millions of new users have entered the BSC ecosystem. With the Community Builder program, you get exposure to an ecosystem thriving with DeFi, NFTs, Gaming, Tools, and more high-quality advanced dApps.

  • Support from BSC’s ecosystem: Gain exposure and support from industry-leading DeFi projects in the BSC ecosystem. Help projects build & scale for the masses and provide them with the opportunity to grow under the $100M BSC accelerator fund set-up to boost innovative projects.
  • Networking opportunities: Build relationships with industry leaders and get access to BSC’s infrastructure partners. Take advantage of networking events in your region, support BSC hackathons, run meetups online and offline with communities, and get to interact with a huge dev and user base.
  • Career development: Grow from community coordinators to other roles in the ecosystem. Develop strong functional skills, increase your career capital and build your professional portfolio.
  • BSC Swags: Gain access to cool *unreleased* BSC swags and receive free hampers to distribute in your communities.
  • Event Access: Free event access to BSC events, including hackathons, meetups, accelerator programs, and more!

Overview of BSC’s growth

Binance Smart Chain’s ATH daily transaction volume has crossed 11.8M (6X of Ethereum’s ATH) in less than a year. Currently 650+ projects are being built on top of BSC. This consists of 100+ NFT projects and 450+ DeFi projects alone in addition to Gaming, Tooling, Wallets, and Community-backed protocols. Not just this, 9 out of the Top 10 DeFi projects (by user activities) are built on top of Binance Smart Chain!

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